E-commerce: what are the great (and never so good) sides of dwell gross sales on Instagram?

To discover FrenchTech news and information you shouldn’t miss directly in your inbox every day at 3pm, click here Afternoon shopping, without leaving home: this is what Instagram promises to its users and retailers and manufacturers who are developing there using the benefits of a large audience. But professionals are also becoming addicted to sometimes … Read more

Coaching: maintain each palms on the digital steering wheel

Valérie Ferland, Deputy General Manager of the Milton Cider House, a family business based in Sainte-Cécile-de-Milton (Photo: courtesy) DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Instead of delegating the task to a consultant, business leaders choose to take responsibility for their digital transformation by following training courses on the subject themselves. Testimony of two entrepreneurs who made a strategic plan … Read more

Wall Road falls sharply VAT Information

The New York Stock Exchange ended abruptly on Monday, fearing that inflation will force the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to tighten the screw even more as a slowdown or even a recession looms on the horizon. • Read also: Rising rates and mortgages: when should you worry? • Read also: Almost 20% of homeowners are … Read more

Instagram hashtag software

Instagram had more than 1.3 billion active users per month in 2020. In December 2021, we learned that the social network had reached 2 billion users worldwide, ranking it 3rd behind Facebook and YouTube. “It was without counting on the arrival of a whistleblower named TikTok, who will probably overtake Insta in the coming months. … Read more

Semiconductor Disaster Zoom, Semiconductor Disaster Zoom

Despite the economic recovery, many industries are not working due to a lack of microchips. Car manufacturers are particularly affected, especially in Europe. A continent that, again, is under severe penalties for dependence on Asian companies. Six questions to better understand the causes and consequences of this crisis. What is a semiconductor? A semiconductor is … Read more

This resident of Moulins (Allier) with 400,000 subscribers on social networks is popping out on stage

Opportunity gained by winning a competition launched by a big brand (Carte Noire, in this case) … of course on the social network TikTok. “We had to make a witty video about coffee. 15,000 videos were sent, and I finished 5th with 800,000 views, explains the young dad of little Juna. Then the jury chose … Read more

29% of customers say they’ve already purchased one thing via social networks – Picture

June 13, 2022 at 8:06 p.m. Segolene Montcel Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok are increasingly developing an e-commerce strategy, also called social commerce. This practice is defined by using the characteristics of social platforms for shopping purposes. A new Capterra study * was conducted among 998 French people about their habits … Read more

12 tricks to cut back basket abandonment

What is wheelchair abandonment? Shopping cart abandonment is a phenomenon in which a user puts one or more products in their shopping cart but does not complete the purchase. It is measured in percentages and varies depending on the sector of activity. You can calculate the basket abandonment rate by dividing the number of transactions … Read more