5 webinars on search engine optimization, SEA, social networks, Google Analytics 4…

CyberCité is scheduling an appointment on June 16 for Summer Digital: a webinar day to prepare for your future marketing campaigns, from the beginning of the school year.

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1 day, 5 webinars and lots of tips and best practices! © CyberCity

5 webinars to improve your digital performance

Want to start preparing for the start of the school year and think about your next marketing and digital campaigns? CyberCité is organizing a conference day for this occasion! The webinars will be led by experts from CyberCité, OnlySo and ITIS Commerce, and will cover key topics for consolidating your marketing strategies: SEO, SEA, social networks, page redesign … Feedback and specific cases will also animate conferences.

The CyberCité team invites you to a meeting on Thursday 16 June from 10:30 to 16:30!

Detailed program of the day

1. SEO / SEA convergence: how to combine your strategies to maximize your performance and increase your visibility?

  • Topic: From now on, it is important to think about your webmarketing campaigns on a global level, thanks to mastering the various levers to be used to combine organic and advertising visibility: search, purchase, display, YouTube, Discover … Experts will present examples of SEO actions / SEA to demonstrate the importance of convergence for the success of your strategy.
  • Speakers: Alban Renard, Head of Expertise – CyberCité, and Arnaud Mion, Senior Consultant for SEA / Media – CyberCité
  • Schedule: from 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 p.m.

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2. Master all aspects of redesigning your site: from technical to SEO

  • Topic: Redesigning a site is an important step and it is important to anticipate risks in terms of SEO positions and traffic. Experts will describe in detail the key points you need to know for a successful redesign without problems and will share concrete examples to guide you.
  • Speakers: Hélène Domergue, Head of SEO / SEA Group – CyberCité, and DOMERGUE, Philippe Cavallini, Technical Director – ITS Commerce
  • Schedule: from 11:15 to 12:00.

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3. Max performance: what if we consider this new Google Ads product?

  • Topic: Discover Performance Max, Google’s new type of campaign that lets you access your Google Ads inventory from the same campaign, with the goal of conversion. You will discover its benefits, how and when to use it, as well as best practices to follow to create successful campaigns. To move forward, the impact of Performance Max on other Google campaigns will also be discussed, as well as warning points to follow.
  • speaker: Emily Cerisier, SEA / Senior Media Consultant – CyberCité
  • Schedule: from 14:00 to 14:45

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4. New Google Analytics 4: from theory to practice, including migration

  • Topic: Last March, Google announced the end of Universal Analytics in favor of its new version of Google Analytics 4. During this conference, you will discover the main contributions of this new interface, new reports available, as well as data issues (new collection method, new KPI, etc.) .).
  • speaker: Cédric Sonrel, Data Analysis Manager – CyberCité
  • Schedule: from 14:45 to 15:30

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5. The importance of ethical and more transparent influence on your social media strategy

  • Topic: The influencer market continues to grow, and consumers are increasingly wary of hidden partnerships, questionable intentions and false messages. Brands now need to turn to ethical and transparent influence to regain the trust of internet users, stand out from the competition and improve their messages. An overview of expectations and best practices for optimizing your social media strategy through virtuous influence.
  • speaker: Margot Henry, strategist for social media and influence – OnlySo
  • Schedule: from 15:30 to 16:15

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