Depart your URLs alone! – Abundance of web optimization video N ° 224 – web optimization and information engines like google

I am often asked if such or such a modification of the URL will have a greater or lesser impact on SEO. Let’s return the church address to the center of the SEO village on this topic with 3 cases: URL not transcribed, poorly transcribed and correctly transcribed …

It seems that some website publishers are sometimes attracted to changing the URLs of their pages, to see if such and such action can improve SEO pages.

Let’s say this now: the less you touch site URLs, the better off you are. Here are 3 rules we follow to better manage the page addresses of our pages.

So you will learn more about it by watching this video number 224:

Images: Leave your URLs alone! – Video no. 224 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

SEO Video Transcript 224: “Leave Your URLs Alone!” »:

“Hello and welcome to this 224th Abundance video where I wanted to talk to you about website URLs and SEO of course. So, if I’m talking about URLs today, it’s because they’re actually questions that often come up in the questions I’m asked, during seminars or conferences, or simply via email. is: I will change my URL, will I get into SEO?

If I take a typical example here: / products / epicerie / condiments / sel-de-l-himalaya and the question I am asked is: if I put spice in the singular because it is more often asked on Google, will it be better for my SEO in singular instead of plural? If I remove the de-l and put the Himalayan salt at the end, is it shorter, is it better? Or on the word “products” which is not very useful if I put “p” is it better in the end? Can I add cheap Himalayan salt or any other keyword? Can I delete a zone, a “product” directory? Can I root everything? Or do I have to put .html at the end?

Honestly, these are all issues that I would say don’t actually have any or strong interest in SEO. Do as little as you want, it won’t change much in terms of SEO anyway. I remind you that the weight of keywords in the url is really very low in SEO, so try to change your urls as little as possible, because that suddenly means that you have to adjust redirects, etc. So if it’s done well, of course, it works, no worries. But let’s make a redirect, then a second, then a third, and then we make a migration, so we start making cascading redirects in all directions and we don’t understand anything anymore! So avoid touching your url.

As for me, I have three rules for URLs: first is if the url is not overwritten so? Id = or something like that, there is actually no keyword in the URL, then yes, you have to overwrite simply because the explicit url is much easier to work with, more readable, mnemonic, we know where we are in the tree structure, etc. So, rewriting can bring a little bit in SEO, but above all it helps to better manage URLs. So if the URLs are not rewritten, yes, we are rewriting them.

If the url is moderately rewritten, there are small design flaws such as accented letters or abbreviations “cond” instead of “condiments”, “epic” instead of “grecery” and underscores and damage, it may have been better to rewrite them better at the beginning, on at first, but if you rewrite them, if you modify them, you have to make redirects, and so on. it will be a lot of work for almost zero profit in SEO, so let’s leave them that way and then maybe one day we’ll make a big migration and we’ll have to change the URLs and at that point we’ll be forced to rework the job a bit at that time, we’ll do it really well. But otherwise we don’t touch the url.

And if the urls are well transcribed, that they are readable and that by reading we understand what is on the page, first of all we do not touch anything! URLs, as long as we understand what’s on the page, it’s good and we make content, we make links, we do a lot of things but we don’t touch urls, because that’s the best way to break your face!

That’s it for this quick little video today, of course I’ll give you links to other videos on the urls I’ve made, there are plenty of them and of course you’ll find all the links directly on the abundance com website. That’s it, thank you for your attention and see you soon on the new Abundance video! Thanks and goodbye 🙂 ”

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