“France is a world champion, in so-called democratic international locations, of censorship on social networks”

Fabrice Epelboin is a social media expert

Fabrice Epelboin is a social media expert

Fabrice Epelboin is a social media expert, entrepreneur and teacher at Sciences Po. Probably the takeover of Twitter by American billionaire Elon Musk, the dangers of social networks, available brain time, Twitter and Facebook slips, state astroturfing … Deciphering a somewhat icy panorama.

Lyon Capitale: What about Elon Musk, Tesla’s boss, wants to buy Twitter?
Fabrice Epelboin: What is obvious is the way Elon Musk plays with the world press, the vast majority of whom are paralyzed by the idea that he is buying Twitter and turning it into a place of absolute freedom of expression. Elon Musk is having fun and making the media become funny. I think it is really a desire to humiliate journalists. The first episode is the famous complete freedom of expression. This is complete fake news that is being picked up by almost all the media in the choir, including the major international journalists’ unions. Still, Elon Musk was perfectly explicit. In the first tweet, in the order of provocation, he said: “I’m returning Twitter”. Behind, in another tweet, he essentially said: “Attention, freedom of expression, in my opinion, is respect for local legislation on freedom of expression. If you do not agree with the views of your country, go to your legislator. ” Interestingly, the panic wave that caused it prompted most headlines in the press to interpret this as Elon Musk’s desire to impose complete and radical freedom of expression on the entire planet.

In your opinion, did Elon Musk voluntarily want to humiliate the press?
Yes, in any case 95% of the press (5% remains the research press) which only transmits information without verification, in a flat screen way. This press is in direct conflict with Twitter, which poses a very serious threat. The struggle is not new, it has been going on for ten years, on the one hand Twitter which has the capacity to be much faster than the press in transmitting and directing raw information – and often unverified – and on the other hand the press with material time constraints, ever lower salaries , growing uncertainty, performance requirements that do not allow information to be seriously verified and that, in the end, convey nothing but relay press releases or agency dispatches. A more or less direct consequence of the choice of most newspaper bodies at the turn of the century to switch to an advertising-based economic model. Thus, a very unhealthy game between Twitter and the media is set, in the background of systemic rivalry, the technology of social networks is far more efficient than the newsrooms. Finally, the press obediently transmitted, around the world, this false news that corresponded to what it wanted to hear from the old rival, and it consisted in the fact that Elon Musk would impose freedom of absolute expression, while saying the exact opposite.

This is the first round of poker won by Elon Musk. The second round began when he explained on Tuesday, May 17, that the takeover of Twitter will not end until he is guaranteed that less than 5% of accounts on the platform are fake. Liar Poker?
The announcement is aimed at the management of Twitter, which is also in a difficult conflict with Elon Musk. This story is extremely simple. Twitter’s billing methodologies are stupid because Twitter fared better because it accused him of betraying a trade secret. In reality, Twitter’s calculation methodology is absolutely not designed to estimate the number of fraudulent orders, but to meet a legal obligation to the SEC, the U.S. financial market regulator. Among those obligations is that Twitter reports the number of fake accounts so that it can accurately estimate the number of accounts that can be redeemed. In reality, there are no 5% fake invoices, but, according to more convincing calculation methods and made by various experts, between 15 and 20%. But assuming Twitter’s value estimate is directly related to this, there could be a big impact on the network’s selling price, and with an estimate of $ 44 billion, the difference can quickly be counted in billions. . This second blow is therefore a conflict between the current Twitter administration, which he very clearly intends to behead.

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