In the US, a lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has upset the MeToo motion

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Marie Le Blé, a New York correspondent for La Dépêche, looks back at the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that fascinated the United States but also rocked #MeToo, the speech-free movement of women victims of sexual violence.

It is believed that after the verdict, the trial, say a century, no longer ends up stretching away from the small Fairfax courthouse in the state of Virginia and this fixed camera that went off after setting fire to America and the rest of the world for six weeks.

The main winner in the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, actress Amber Herd, Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp is still esteemed in Britain where he accompanies his guitarist friend, Jeff Beck, on his more than week-long tour.

“Innocent, innocent”

“Innocent, innocent,” the Glasgow audience chanted to him over the weekend as he performed two of his notable compositions, “What’s Going On” and “Isolation”. »
It was at a pub in Newcastle where he discreetly enjoyed last Wednesday’s victory that a new wave of enthusiasm rose in his favor when he declared himself “at peace” and “back to life” on his Instagram account shortly after the verdict. it was published.

A few hours earlier, on the other side of the Atlantic, the atmosphere was, to say the least, quite different. Alone with her lawyers, in the absence of her rival, the Aquaman star, dressed in a black dress, she listened with bowed heads to the sentence handed down to her by a popular jury before leaving the court in rhythm. camping every day, from April 11, in front of the Court to support her ex-husband.

“A step back for women victims of violence”

Reacting in return, a few minutes later, on Instagram, the 36-year-old actress indicated that her disappointment outweighed her words. “I am heartbroken that the mountain of evidence was still not enough to oppose the power, influence and disproportionate power of my ex-husband. “Before adding that she saw it as a ‘return’ for women victims of violence who cannot express themselves without blaming and publicly humiliating them.” »

We have to go back to 2016 to see the first legal failures of the couple who met on the set of 2009 before they started a romance three years later. Fifteen months after a chaotic marriage, a beautiful Texan woman is seeking a divorce by appearing with a stamp on her cheek following a restraining order filed against her husband. The disengagement procedure allows him to receive $ 7 million in damages, but in 2018 the case gets a new twist.

In a text in the Washington Post, Amber Heard speaks out against sexual violence by saying “face the wrath of our culture” and that “it must change.” “However, without explicitly mentioning her ex-husband’s name, many believe she means it. In full swing I Me Too, the one she calls a “monster” will wait a year before filing a defamation lawsuit and will finally appear in court in Virginia, one of the oldest in the country, faced with a woman she will never swear to. hit.

A map of humility and sincerity for Depp

A difficult fate or just a reversal? It was on English soil where he is hailed today as a hero that Johnny Depp, 58, lost another defamation lawsuit against The Sun in November 2020, when a tabloid had described him as a “woman beater” two years earlier. “At that time, the judge was thinking that he had all the evidence not to refute this accusation, which suddenly stopped his career.

Johnny Depp

Just this time, a new showdown ended in front of a jury in the United States. Not describing himself at the bar as a saint, Johnny Depp decided to play the card of humility and honesty in front of Amber Heard in great difficulty to present himself as a victim of domestic violence. Worse. The strong defense of the incarnation of the mythical Jack Sparrow has managed to show that many of the truths presented by the said victim are actually just lies, such as the use of makeup to make people believe in bruises.

In the audio recording, we could even hear a young woman screaming that she was the source of the beatings to her husband. Until his tears that millions of Americans will not believe, the mass adherence to Johnny Depp’s side quickly felt that someone had stopped and sympathized despite his toxic and destructive relationship dominated by the combined use of alcohol and drugs.

“We were like in the Colosseum with a beating on this woman,” says Herd’s lawyer

“We have a huge amount of evidence that has been suppressed in this case and that could be used in the United Kingdom, where Ms Heard won,” said her lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, the day after the defeat on television. “We did not want cameras. We were like in the Colosseum with a beating of this woman who became a mother through social networks, which had a great influence on the conclusions of the jury “, she condemned before announcing that her client was determined to file a complaint.

Amber Heard and her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft

Amber Heard and her lawyer Elaine Bredehoft

When men said they recognized themselves in Johnny Depp’s testimony, many analysts wondered about the future of the Me Too movement, absent from debate during this long period of unrest. “Me Too is not dead,” retorted its founder, Tarana J. Burke. The system is the one that is dead. “Channel Two, this Saturday, Sarah Vine, a columnist for the very popular and conservative daily The Daily Mail, did not hesitate to comment with acid that” Amber Heard herself subjected women to failure “questioning his credibility.

Pleaded guilty to making false statements and acting “maliciously”, the latter, who demanded $ 100 million from her alleged abuser, will have to pay him $ 10 million. As for Johnny Depp, who asked for 50 million dollars, he will have to pay the sum of 2 million dollars, because the jurors claimed that two celebrities slandered each other through the press.

10 billion views recorded on the social network Tik Tok

What conclusion to draw? A case of big money, calculated, pulled out of the bitter and sad unpacking of a worthy mega-reality or simply the pain of two beings each carrying the heavy burden of domestic violence whose paths should never have crossed? One thing is for sure, in front of 10 billion views recorded only on the social network TikTok, this Hollywood trial that the planet took over did not end its speech.

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