Ought to we proceed to do search engine optimization in 2022?

Artificial intelligence, voice search, a new social network… Every year, more advanced solutions and technologies appear on the web than before. Some are shaking the way companies market themselves, constantly questioning the role of search engine optimization (SEO).

At the same time, the criteria that determine the positioning of websites on search engines are more numerous and always more specific. It is sometimes difficult for brands to follow these series of novelties, and especially to understand them.

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For these reasons, it is legitimate to ask whether it is still relevant to do SEO in 2022. To get a concrete answer, it is necessary to look at the changes brought by search engines and the opportunities they offer today.

Algorithms that are evolving

In the past, SEO techniques were much less complicated than today. In order to gain search engine rankings, companies simply tried to improve the structure of their website. It was also necessary to write content with strategically chosen keywords and overused.

However, SEO is an evolving discipline. New trends and innovations appear every year. For companies that drive traffic from organic search or paid search, the challenge is to successfully design an SEO strategy robust enough to cope with these changes. The goal is to maintain good positioning.

To achieve this, it is necessary to be informed about the new rules, which are sometimes more complex than others. For example, we can mention Spamdexing, or offensive referencing. It consists of creating a multitude of backlinks to the website you want to reference. The goal is to manipulate search engines into believing that the site in question is important, when that is not the case. Today, this type of technique is quickly spotted and penalized by Google.

Other developments have been introduced. We can cite the MUM algorithm, which aims to respond even more precisely to the demands of Internet users, or Core Web Vitals, which aims to improve page load speed and user experience (UX).

SEO is becoming more complex, but it remains necessary

It goes without saying that SEO is gradually becoming more complex. It is now necessary to handle all the gears of the search engine algorithms to avoid loss of positioning. However, this does not mean that it is no longer an essential component of a digital marketing strategy. According to SEO agency id.agency, it is highly recommended that you invite a professional to establish an effective and sustainable natural referencing strategy.

Indeed, you will be able to take advantage of its advanced SEO skills to cope with changes in algorithms and improve your website. It will help you create relevant and diverse content, review the structure of your site as well as the user experience offered. These are all essential elements that ensure good visibility of your site.

While paid ads can be a quick way to win positions on Google, keep in mind that Internet users attach more importance to organic search engine rankings. Therefore, the need for SEO always seems obvious. For this reason, it remains one of the most popular ways to improve your positioning, publish your services and increase traffic.

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