Rogue Ascent VR: rogue-lite on Quest that pushes the boundaries of interplay in VR!

conceptual, Rogue Ascent VR it certainly is. This FPS rogue lite pushes boundaries manual tracking. You can use your palm to open the automatic door dark Vador), use your fingers to imitate the gun and see it appear in the game like this, clench your fists and return your elbows to make the shield appear … Dive level, we receive a slap! Imitating your actions will therefore be the best way to break through your enemies.

you would understand that the game is designed for manual tracking (although you can still use your own Oculus Touch). And this hand tracking is the real selling point of the title. If it is gameplay it may seem inventive at first glance, game integration Twitch it also challenged us. Far from being reduced to a simple flying window, this integration is designed and reflected in connection with gameplay titles. Thus, it is possible that viewers, depending on their actions in the chat, directly influence the course of events. The player, of course, can view messages from the community at any time with a wrist movement.

Viewers can also get directly involved in the game by giving bits (virtual currency that viewers can spend on sending short messages u). Donation of many bits activates an “essential event” in the game. They can be “friendly or opposing”, depending on the parameters chosen by the broadcaster.

McGraw, CEO Nooner Bear Studiosaid about it:

I took chat integration a step further and gamified engagement by giving viewers direct control over the action. This system adds a new intimate and appealing dimension to viewers and streamers that has never been seen before.

As a demonstration, McGraw and his team used celebrities VR Twitch streamer ZStormwho is thrilled with the game:

This is the best engagement of the Twitch community […] Rogue Ascent is, of course, the best Quest hand tracking game. The addition of Twitch integration only reinforces my opinion that this is the VR title for Twitch streamers everywhere.

In the eyes of the creative team, Rogue Ascent VR is therefore a sandbox-like experience (sand box) designed to move the boundaries of hand tracking, but also to break down the fourth wall that has been opposed so far streamers and spectators.

Brandon Egolf, co-founder and CEO Click on Games (publishing partner from Rogue Ascent VR) he said:

We directly help VR creators make a living and give them another tool to increase engagement and growth. Rogue Ascent is an excuse that content creators have been waiting to start releasing VR content for their channels.

Supplement from Twitch in Rogue Ascent VR creates a unique connection between the player and the viewer. This is a feature that is highly sought after by players and users Twitch for some time.

Rogue Ascent VR is now available on Meta Quest for € 24.99 viaApp Lab. If you haven’t decided yet, you can treat yourself Oculus Quest 2 in the house of Bakerthe Fnac, Darty or Amazon for € 349.99. You can also find good gaming computers there.

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