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After the pandemic, tourist activities are gradually resumed. in that way, local shops they are also concerned and must imperatively increase their presence in order to attract as many people as possible.

Whether you are the owner of a teahouse, restaurant or local delicacy … Integrating your online presence will clearly give you a better chance of being visible and therefore visited. Right now, people are increasingly relying on them consumer reviews of e-commerce sites before going to such a place or buying such a new product.

A bad rating on Google or social media will have a serious impact on your business if you don’t get your hands on your communication. So how do you promote local businesses on social media?


Online age stores

By definition, a local trade refers to legally lucrative activities located in commercial areas of cities. It also means the retail facility that the consumer goes to every day.

For example, local shops in the areas of catering, bakery and pastry, organic food, beauty and well-being.

Interest of social networks for local companies

In the era of consumer 2.0, word-of-mouth social networks are becoming global. Moreover, the Internet is a necessary prerequisite for every act of shopping. In other words, social networks are a marketing lever important for the promotion of artisans and small traders.

Why? Simply because the more you talk about your business, the better we will get to know you and the more we will want to visit your brand. However, be aware that this requires work and long-term commitment. Your perseverance and your mastery of the topic will be essential to success.

Social networks adapted to small businesses

With diversity of social networks, it will be wise to bet on the ones that are most suitable instead of registering everywhere without a specific goal. Depending on your activity, you will need to know where your customers and audience are if you are producing informative content. This will allow you to better control and manage your communication.

Social networks adapted to small businesses

If you plan to do this work in your home, you will need to assign a manager so you can focus on the core of your business.

You will not be able to manage receipts, replies to private messages and user reviews at the same time. In addition, you will undoubtedly have many other related tasks related to your business.

here is a list of social networks where you can start:

  • Facebook: with more than 2 billion users per month, you absolutely must have a Facebook account to communicate about your offers and / or upcoming events.
  • Instagram: as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. If you are, for example, a caterer, you will have the opportunity to highlight your backstage, such as the preparation of your meals, photos of your achievements, highlighting your teams … In short, highlight the human relationship behind each publication.
  • Pinterest: Since the Pins last 4 months, posts posted by Pinterest users will attract more visitors and can be uploaded later if they are likely to be of interest to other visitors. This will greatly increase your visibility.
  • Twitter: if you want to make visible short-term publications, such as flash offers.
  • LinkedIn: It is ideally used for issuing professional offers such as company gifts, Christmas for employees, etc.

Don’t ignore TikTok, the leading social network in recent months, which has crossed the milestone of one billion monthly active users. Basically, he was dedicated to creating and sharing short music videos. As a result, some brands and franchises use it to market products, highlight behind the scenes or make good deals.

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After I choose the right social networksdon’t forget to better configure your account at Google My Business, if you already have it, to make it easier for people to locate you. Please note that sometimes you already have a Google listing without your consent. This is due to the tagging of Internet users on Google. As a result, they allow themselves to give a positive and / or negative opinion at your institution.

If this is your case, you can recover your Google My Business profile by creating a Gmail account. Then you just need to click on “Download my file”. Finally, you will need to approve and apply Google’s instructions.

How to create your digital strategy or to whom to entrust it?

As we said earlier, the management of yours online communication it will not be an easy task. You need to know clearly where most of your target customers are in order to create relevant messages. To follow you, business professionals will be ready to help you achieve your goal.

You can call a free community manager for example, which will be charged per hour or per day to relieve you of certain tasks.

How to create your digital strategy or to whom to entrust it?

If your brand is not registered on any social network, take the time to define it its social media strategy upstream to maintain your online presence. You can also train online if you have the time and if you want to do everything yourself.

It will be ideal for going through a community manager training, before embarking on this field that requires the right skills. In addition, you need to take care of your e-reputation as soon as you are present on social networks.


Finally, we can say that every local business must be integrated into the digital age thanks to the essential help of social networks. Whether it’s looking for prospective customers or retaining them, as well as promoting new offers and managing your online reputation, choose your own carefully.

Each social network will provide you with a completely different professional structure for the development of your business, ideal for any legal activity. It’s not a shame to work with a social media expert if you don’t know much about it, because the exponential growth of your commercial activity is paramount.

Therefore, combining social networks with local businesses is a solution in itself due to their fundamental interdependence.

And you, do your current social networks allow you to generate more traffic for your brand?

Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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