This unmistakable method for becoming denims regardless of the latest weight acquire is a success on Tiktok

On the social network TikTok, one user shared her technique to fit in her jeans, even after she recently gained weight. The video is a hit on the platform.

The temptation of jeans, like a bathing suit, can prove to be as hard as it is relentless. Gaining weight, even in moderation, can be fatal and force many men and women to start a diet so they can reconnect with their favorite fashion piece. The TikTok user seems to see things differently, discovering a trick that allows jeans to adjust to you, not the other way around … so you don’t have to feel guilty anymore.

Rare are those who have never faced weight gain, whatever it may be, which inevitably ended in a demoralizing appropriate session, and ultimately an afternoon shopping aimed at rebuilding part or all of her wardrobe.

The dictatorship of excess weight

Quite a radical process, often accompanied by diet and a strong dose of guilt. And in this little game, jeans are undoubtedly the most cruel part of the locker room, which many could see at the end of different periods of captivity.

But TikTokeuse could free many women – and men – from this dictatorship of being overweight and make your favorite clothes go with you through that extra size that terrorizes more than one. Thanks to a simple trick, she shows how your jeans can finally adapt very easily to your recent weight gain and save you from throwing away tons of clothes unnecessarily. Friends of body positives and the fight against clothing waste, you will realize that this technique was created for you!

“Normalization of weight gain”

To the user @sarahinyellow, who defines herself as a virtual body image trainer, we owe this advice that went viral, with no less than 725,000 views and almost 30,000 likes, for her video called “normalization of weight gain”. In order to expand her jeans enough to adapt to her new measurements, she puts on two kilograms at the height of her stomach and simply does squats. With bending, jeans grow subtly.

Given the comments, the demonstration seems to have won over its subscribers, and even more. “Clothes are made to fit you! You are not made to fit clothes,” says one user. “It’s my main problem when I get fat … I can’t fit in my clothes and I can’t afford to buy a new one,” said another.

Apart from the trick, which our mothers, grandmothers, and undoubtedly great-grandmothers, have been experimenting with other available means for decades, the issue of relief is primarily for those who feel helpless in front of a few extra pounds. Trying to increase the size of your jeans, or even increase the size, should be possible without a shred of guilt.

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