Cybercriminals use search engine optimization to extend the variety of downloads of malicious PDFs

Recently, various cyber security experts have warned about the use of SEO techniques by cybercriminals, who would take advantage of these tools to improve the ranking of their sites. phishing on search engines, thus capturing a larger number of targets. Techniques that seem to pay off, with malicious downloading of PDF via phishing has increased by 450% in the last 12 months.

SEO, a new weapon for cybercriminals

the SEO is a practice well known to people who have a website because it improves their visibility. The purpose of using these SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization) is to allow a website to get a better search engine rankings most commonly used. As a result, more will appear in search results, which helps attract more visitors.

To achieve this result, certain SEO rules need to be applied, including the use of targeted keywords, content sharing of appropriate length, the presence of multimedia content and links, among other guidelines to follow. Rules that cybercriminals seem to take into account to apply to phishing sites that they want to target.

Although we are used to talking about identity theft attempts carried out via email or SMS, in recent years cybercriminals have used new types of attacks to reaches out to more peoplewho may not be aware of these new types of attacks.

Among them we find the presence of phishing websites offered by your browser. A person who is uninformed or who does not have powerful cyber security tools can be tricked into clicking on these malicious websites, which can lead to theft of personal data. So, the higher the page rank of search engines, the more people are trapped by this technique.

How to protect yourself from phishing websites?

It is important to exercise to protect against such attacks the greatest distrust, as you may be used to when reading emails or pressing requests from unknown recipients via SMS. The same is true when searching on your favorite browser.

To go to a site you know, prefer fill in the full address of this page The Internet, to avoid a malicious copy generated by cybercriminals.

It can also be interestinginvest in cyber security tools quality, such as the tools it offers NordVPN, whose reviews are very positive. We especially advise you to opt for solutions that decipher and analyze internet traffic for you, in order to highlight malicious content.

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