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Although most shopping sites are very successful, the conversion rate and quality of customer travel remain important areas for improvement. Certain technological innovations are a real stepping stone in this regard.

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Internet commerce continues to grow. According to Fevad, internet sales rose from 57 billion to more than 112 billion euros between 2014 and 2021. They now account for more than 10% of retail trade in France. Strong demand that results in a rich supply, with sites that are always more nurtured in products and services. But in this context, guaranteeing efficiency and an optimal user experience that meets expectations is by no means obvious.

68% of internet users do not return to the site if they had a bad search experience. 54% of consumers leave the website if the choice is too difficult, and more than a third (34%) leave navigation for more than 10 minutes. This clear observation applies to Attraqt, a pioneer in product discovery in France. “Product discovery includes everything that allows you to discover new products on an e-commerce site,” explains Nicolas Mathon, Chief Executive Officer for Strategy and Innovation at Attraqt. “This includes product recommendations, e-merchandising and on-site research.”

Lulli sur la Toile, an online concept store dedicated to fashion, approached Attraqt, “initially to develop product recommendations on the website, to facilitate navigation for the customer and to make it easier to find their favorite products or products they already have consulted,” explains Sophie Istria, e-commerce coordinator on the site.

Thanks to a large library of algorithms present on this user-friendly platform, Attraqt allows merchants to automate their own business rules without having to call a data scientist. This allows them to focus on strategy and come up with new ideas. On the Lulli sur la website, Attraqt is integrated throughout the navigation process to answer important user questions. The homepage, for example, allows them to offer two types of personalized recommendations, one for familiar visitors and the other for those they don’t already know.

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Product detection technologies also allow key innovative development in response to important strategic positions. Lulli sur la Web also relies on this potential through La Sticky Bar, for example. “It makes it possible to keep track of all the products seen and really makes it easier for users to navigate by finding their last products seen at the bottom of the page at all times, at any time during their journey,” illustrates Sophie Istria.

Widgets that highlight personalized products, as well as this type of new service, bring an extra dimension to a site with a strong return on investment. “Targeted proposals, fashion and trend tips are a real comprehensive support. These valuation functions are very useful for leveraging our product base of more than 6,000 references, ”she continues.

To find out more, find Lulli’s video statements on the web and his experience with Attraqt here.

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