Elon Musk threatens to not purchase Twitter, accusing social community of “denying info”

The multi-billionaire accuses the company of refusing to provide him with information about spam and bots on his platform, which has been requested several times.

After temporarily suspending the download of Twitter in May, Elon Musk is threatening to withdraw his offer due to the number of bots and spam on the social network. While the platform claimed that they represent less than 5% of registered orders, the businessman estimates that they would represent 20% of users. He accuses Twitter of “actively resist” to his requests for information, which he considers to constitute a breach of the company’s obligations under the takeover bid.

“Mr. Musk reserves all rights arising, including the right not to complete the transaction and the right to terminate the merger agreement”, reads a letter to Twitter’s chief legal officer. Wanting to perform his own analysis of bots and spam, the businessman claims that the social network refused to provide him with the requested information. “Twitter’s latest offer to simply provide additional details regarding its testing methodologies, whether through written documents or oral explanations, is a rejection of Mr. Musk’s claims about the data.”whether it is written in the document.

Bots and spam worry many

According to the letter, Elon Musk also needs this information in order to prepare for the transition and facilitate the financing of the operation. For a multibillionaire, Twitter should allow him to conduct his own analysis if he is confident in his estimates of spam and bots. He already had disagreements with Parag Agrawal, executive director of the social network, on the subject. In mid-May, the latter indicated that these estimates were based on “Multiple replicas of human account analytics, randomly selected”. He also explained that this evaluation cannot be performed externally, due to “critical need to use both public and private information” such as IP address, phone number or geolocation, which the platform cannot share. Elon Musk then responded to these explanations with an emoticon in the shape of a poop.

Regarding a letter sent to Twitter’s chief legal officer, a spokesman said the company was cooperating with the businessman and would continue to share information. “We intend to complete the transaction and implement the merger agreement at the agreed price and terms”he said.

The company is not only worried about the threat from Elon Musk. On June 6, the same day the letter was sent, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched an investigation against Twitter for potentially misrepresenting bots. “Violation of Texas Fraudulent Marketing Practices Act”. In a statement, he explains that the difference between the figures published by the platform and what fake accounts can really represent “could significantly affect the costs of consumers and businesses in Texas conducting transactions via Twitter”.

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