Instagram: The social community continues to be doing nothing to cease the sale of medication

A few months ago, a report indicated that it is very easy for teenagers to take drugs on Instagram, and that is still true.

The survey he conducted Technological transparency project and published late last year, revealed that the social network Instagram made it easier for its users – especially teenagers – to find a number of potentially deadly drugs on its platform.

And according to an organization that aims to hold large technology companies accountable, very little has changed months later.

Discouraging conclusions

In December 2021, the report in question pointed to the practice of Instagram, which left its young users of only 13 years to find drugs for sale. It was created from Xanax through opioids to ecstasy, all in just a few clicks.

Instagram chief Adam Moseri then defended himself before the Senate, explaining it “Orders selling drugs or any other unregulated goods are not allowed on the platform”. Five months later, Technological transparency project therefore, he conducted an audit and using teenage orders created for his initial investigation, his researchers analyzed whether Instagram had taken steps to restrict minors ’access to drug sales orders.

I the conclusions are discouraging to the organizationwhich claims that the social network still allows teenagers to find “extremely easy” illegal drugs for sale, Instagram’s algorithms are going in that direction. “Results raise new doubts about Instagram’s ability to protect young people” water Technological transparency project.

Instagram still has a long way to go

However, the platform, which is owned by the Meta Group (formerly Facebook), has come under increasing pressure from lawmakers and parent organizations since the Wall Street Journal revealed that company officials had known the platform for years, especially for teenage girls with body image problems. . Instagram has even decided to pause its dedicated app project for children under 13.

According to the latest research of the organization, which provides examples in its investigation, Instagram has a long way to go to clean its platform, which is full of accounts that violate the terms of service against sales “Non-medical or pharmaceutical drugs”.

“Until Instagram removes drug sales orders that violate its policies and stops directing users to those accounts, the platform will continue to pose a threat to vulnerable teenagers. »

Technological transparency project

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