One on one: Deliverability, repairability, traceability … What drives firms

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On the eve of the spring season, can we talk about the revival of e-commerce, better known today as “connected commerce”? In this hustle and bustle of the world after Covid, the sector is striving to rebuild, always looking for innovation, novelty, experimentation and what makes the difference to seducing customers (increasingly demanding).

To better understand why French e-commerce is vibrating and how companies are “moving” to offer new services to customers, improve the experience and make user travel more fluid, the effort pays off.

Accelerating digital with France Num, the government’s VSE / SME digital transformation program, went to One to One Retail E-commerce, a professional event bringing together 1,800 participants (guests and partners) in Monaco to host two morning web radio sessions on FrenchWeb.

The 11th edition of this annual event was given to small and medium enterprises that express what drives them and how they approach online sales today. As for the solution, this first morning focuses on omnichannel innovation and the importance of product information before tackling the major trends in related trade.

Sa for this meeting:

Sonia Mamin, director of One to One Retail E-commerce Monaco, who specifically mentions Web 3, the importance of visibility given to startups and the return of physical events between peers, as well as the emergence of CSR topics in retail.

Pierre Seznec, CEO of 123Roulement, a small and medium-sized enterprise based in Frétin (59) which, as its name suggests, sells ball bearings and their related parts in stores and online for professionals and the general public. For this company of technical products, the relationship with customers is crucial. Distributing 160,000 different references to 7 million products in stock within 24 hours of delivery proves to be a winning challenge. The technical expertise of sellers is extremely important and the repairability market is becoming a necessity for many consumers. With the BtoB market representing 20% ​​annual growth for 123Roulement, the manager explains to professionals the specifics of selling through e-commerce.

Florence Di Nicola, vice president of marketing for EMEA Alkemics by Salsify, a shared shopping platform that enables brands and distributors to digitize business processes, talks about sharing product information content. 47% of French people say that a detailed product description is one of the 3 main criteria for purchase (along with the price and availability of the product). 30% of consumers will not buy if there is no quality image / photo of the product. It should also be noted that the repairability index greatly influences the consumer’s choice of products to buy; the customer is increasingly looking at results related to food products or not.

Guillaume Rolland, director of innovation at Maison Berger Paris, a French company known for its interior candles, is developing experiential shopping on a large scale. With new pleasant services: expanded live store (fragrant portal, great interactions with avatars), tips related to your favorite perfume, etc. The digital experience continues in stores as well as in the brand’s new boutique at 75 rue Vieille du Temple (Paris 3), a discovery site with a sustainability component for products (rechargeable lamps, etc.).

Panorama of e-commerce trends in 2022

Second, Thomas Husson, chief analyst at Forrester Research, gives an overview of e-commerce trends in 2022.

First of all, the metaverse can be considered non-trendy, a topic that is not currently a priority for traders; a world under construction with folding bricks. In a distinct way, the second hand and the idea of ​​a circular economy respond to the basic trend of influential consumers with emerging social problems.

In addition, companies are accelerating in the awareness that digital transformation is accompanying sustainable transformation, which is causing organizational, cultural and product sustainability changes. In mobile devices, one of the main challenges in 2022 is to personalize the experience in context and “in the moment” with companies and brands.

Finally, for the customer, all the information online on the way to purchase becomes important: product availability, payment options, delivery information: the overall experience that the consumer experiences in this way.

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