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Images displayed on a web page using an IMG tag have two attributes, ALT and TITLE: what about SEO for these two pieces of information? Do engines take them into account and what should be indicated in those areas?

Images are ubiquitous on the web and in our lives. It is therefore important to give them visibility on the web and image search engines. Two HTML attributes are often cited for this: Alt and Title.

But are they both effective? And how would they best be managed? These are the questions we are trying to answer in this video …

So you will learn more about it by watching this video number 223:

Images: Alt, Title and SEO attributes – Video no. 223 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

SEO Video Transcript 223: “Images: Alt, Title and SEO Attributes”:

“Hello and welcome to this 223rd Abondance video in which I wanted to talk to you about images, and especially the ALT and Title attributes and their use in SEO.

We will start with the html tag, the img tag so that the tag of the image, src is equal to the url of the image, the attribute Alt, the attribute Title and then other information such as width and height, etc. which we will not talk about in this video. Here we will focus on the Alt attribute and the Title attribute. What can we say at all? We don’t say “alt tag” 🙂 it’s an old SEO habit sometimes for beginners, but we don’t say alt tag, we say Alt attribute img tags.

Two attributes, information taken from an accessibility expert, two attributes Alt and Title are taken into account by accessibility software, especially for the blind and therefore both attributes have their own interest in accessibility. So you have to put both.

Depending on the browser, when you hover over an image and there is a small tooltip that appears with the attribute text, depending on the browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc., either Alt or Title will be displayed. So somewhere both have their benefits here.

Do you have to put the same content for both attributes? In fact, as both are used for accessibility, if there is a corrupted image or if you hover your mouse over the image, you finally realize that it is usually the same two indications, the same text that is placed in both attributes. Everyone will of course have their own way of working and can work differently.

And then of course, only img tags have Alt and Title attributes, so when an image is displayed with styles, with cssom, of course we lose Alt, Title and generally lose all SEO profit on images. I invite you to watch the video I made specifically on this topic.

As for the engines that take them into account, I just repeated a small battery of tests to find out how the engines took these two attributes into account. So, at the level of a web browser, a classic web browser, Google considers Alt – be careful because John Mueller said a short time ago that Google does not take this into account, but yes, I confirm, it takes Alt into account, the tests are clear at this level. He does not take the title. Bing does not take Alt or Title for a classic web search engine. For image search engines, Google and Bing a priori work the same way: they consider Alt, not title, so search engines never consider title, and Google takes Alt for web and image and Bing for images only.

And then of course what are we going to put as text in these two attributes? So there will always be a preference or compromise to be made, either towards SEO or towards accessibility. If I take here an example of the image we see on the screen and which is the main image for an article called “Google News for the Summer Holidays” I recently published on Abundance, if we favor SEO, we will put the title of the article in Alt and in the Title and if we prefer accessibility, we need to describe what is in the picture, so we will put “a man with a backpack jumping across the road” on you to give priority to either SEO or accessibility. We can put a little of both, finally good after we see, but most of the time we will have to choose, we will have to arbitrate for either SEO or accessibility.

So much for this little video that gave a brief summary of the Alt and Title attributes for SEO. I invite you to watch the videos I made in the past, as usual, especially the one on img or css that I talked about earlier, and I can only wish you a great week. Thank you for your loyalty and see you soon on the new Abundance video! Thanks and goodbye! 🙂 »

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