Schooling: how one can apply for a nationwide motion or get on-line assist

The Mirrors of the National Movement 2022 will be available this Tuesday, May 31, 2022 from 11 p.m. Online applications are open from May 31, 2022 at 11:59 PM to June 16, 2022 at 11:59 PM. Applications will be received by BRH IA and IEF from Wednesday, June 1, to Friday, June 17, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

How to register

For the first use, once on the Mirador portal at:, you must first register by providing the information needed for your identification.
• After registration, you will be sent an email with the initial password (you must make sure you have the correct email account)
• Recover your password by opening an email account from a message sent by Mirador
• Connect using the registration number as the username and password received via email
• For the first connection, Mirador asks you to change your password

I can’t confirm my registration

Please check the following points:
• Is your registration number correct: the registration number must consist of six (6) digits or nine (9) digits followed by a slash, slash (/) and a key letter. Example 654263 / F or 130701061 / O.
• Substitution of surnames and first names when entering the registration form
• Error in date of birth
• Compliance with the formats required for each input field
• Data mismatch with database (update required)
– The name can be abbreviated in the database or written differently, for example: Sérigne A. and not Sérigne Ababacar, El Hadji and not Elhadji
– The name may contain the husband’s name for teachers
– The name can be written differently, for example Camara and not Kamara, Mbodj and not Mbodji…;
• Newly released (update required to put a new registration number)

I registered, but I do not receive an email with the initial password

In this case, make sure that:
• the message sent by Mirador is not in spam
• Your email account is valid and active,
• your email account is not spelled correctly when entering information: for example: instead of; instead of…

I registered, I got the initial password but I can’t change it

In this case, make sure that:
• you copied the initial password correctly (another space at the beginning or end corresponds to another character)
• you have copied a password (some characters cannot be obtained directly from certain keyboards)

I have registered, but I cannot declare my position vacant

In this case, make sure that:
• if you have filled in the dates of entry into the institution and classes
• if you are not a simple supervisor (simple supervisors do not have to declare their position which is probably vacant. They apply directly
• if you have reached the required number of years (current year does not count)

I registered, but I can’t apply for the national movement

Online applications will be possible as soon as the mirrors are published on the Ministry’s portal.

How to get online support

For any difficulties, ask for online help by clicking the Help link and then filling in the fields that appear
• You forgot your password
• inconsistent data
• new number
• etc.…

How to reset my password

To get a new password via email, click on Reset Password (this is only possible if the account we have exactly matches the account we used at the time of registration)

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