SiteGuru, a instrument for getting an search engine optimization audit of your web site and optimizing the referencing of its content material

Web referencing (SEO) is one of the cornerstones of a good digital marketing strategy. It consists of optimizing its content and the structure of your site in order to position itself well in search engine results. To do this, you need to constantly improve your SEO by redesigning certain pages and identifying non-functional elements. This requires performing an SEO audit. Many tools offer this type of service, including SiteGuru.

To-do list of elements to improve on your website

SiteGuru does not require installation. Just add the address of their website to the tool. When finished, it automatically performs an audit. In just fifteen minutes, it generates a list of optimization tasks to perform. This can be reviewing meta descriptions, fixing broken links, or improving the speed of your website. The good thing is that SiteGuru ranks each item from the most important to the least important. In this way we know the elements that must be absolutely corrected or optimized.

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to do a list of site optimization gurus

SiteGuru ranks optimizations based on their importance. Illustration: SiteGuru.

siteguru platform

SiteGuru describes in detail what needs to be modified on the site. Illustration: SiteGuru.

SiteGuru detects duplicate content or indexing issues. The tool also invites you to review the structure of your website when needed. Provides a sitemap so users can see it more clearly.

Improving SEO websites is not an easy task. To achieve this, it is best to gather. SiteGuru suggests inviting as many contributors or editors as needed so everyone can work on the optimization process.

All changes made are visible from the tool. This allows for a clearer visualization of improvements made to content, page speed, and links. Note that SiteGuru offers a dashboard and metrics to track its performance and the impact of the changes that have been made. It also points to keywords on which it might be wise to position yourself to be well-referenced on search engines.

SiteGuru aims to help businesses improve their visibility and performance. It is currently possible to get it for $ 49 for life instead of $ 499. The offer allows analysis of up to 500 pages and export of all reports in CSV format.

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