social community to your promoting technique?

TikTok, a booming social network, offers the ideal advertising campaign service to increase your click-through rate… you still need to master the codes!

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1. Why integrate TikTok into your advertising strategy?

The social network TikTok created a real tidal wave as soon as it was released and in a very short time it became the most downloaded application for smartphones. A reason that is more than enough to make advertising a key lever of visibility and business for brands and companies. Above all, it is a question of knowing how to tame TikTok algorithm and use it for your communication.

Let’s see why integrate TikTok into your own advertising strategy :

High efficiency, low competition

TikTok is preparing some great surprises for brands and content creators. His engagement rate an average of 70% per month, while 9 out of 10 users visit the app at least once a day. What to have clickthrough rate interesting.

To this dependence is added the extremely weak competition of advertisers. This is because the application advertising platform is only available from July 2020 in France. Advertisers are therefore still rare, which allows you to reach your audience much easier than on other, older and fully saturated social networks.

This allows for unique virality: your ads can get hundreds of thousands of likes in just 24 hours … This is the case with many TikTok videos, designed to be striking and addictive.

Video is simply a favorite format of internet users, 84% of whom have already bought it after watching video ads.

Many formats…

TikTok Ads offers a wide range of formats for your advertising campaigns, including:

  • Top View Videos : Appears in full screen, 5 seconds after opening the application and can last up to one minute. Ideal for reaching your audience every time!
  • Brand download format : It is also displayed in a very visible way, without allowing users to ignore the video. Use it along with other sites to increase awareness of your brand.
  • Ads in the feed : Sponsor your subscriber news videos to increase sharing, likes and comments.
  • Hashtag Challenge : A format that is particularly effective for create engagementbecause it offers users to create content based on the theme of your advertising campaign!

… For so many marketing opportunities!

You can also go to TikTok develop the notoriety of your brand increase the traffic of your website … This also includes increasing the download of your application if you have it or increasing the viewing of your advertising videos.

TikTok ads offer a wide range of formats

All this without the need to invest in a traditional campaign with a larger budget, but also with the possibility of simple analysis of return on investment thanks to the measurement tools and dashboard included.

TikTok is therefore a platform of the moment for promote your brand i increase your online sales !!

Particularly sharp targeting

When registering on the platform, the user must enter their tastes and interests according to the available categories, in addition to information such as gender, age or location.

This means efficiently and precisely targeting ads, which will be much easier to offer to the right people according to their favorite topics. Custom and “similar” audiences are also a way to expand your ad targeting while staying consistent.

2. How to place a TikTok ad?

After creating your account TikTok adsfill in your details and verify your profile, you can start creating your ads.

How to place a TikTok ad?

1. Go to the Campaigns tab in the TickTok Ads dashboard. Click on Create a campaignselect your goals (Awareness, Conversions, or Consider) and then your budget (daily or total).

2. You will then be prompted to create an ad group and choose ad targeting. Then define the audience you are targeting, in terms of age, gender, interests, but also location, language or device.

3. Then define the location where you want to display your visual elements. Why not test the automatic placement option: TikTok takes care of finding the place where your ad will perform best!

4. Then you just have to fill in the information needed for your launch. This includes URLs, images, profile photos, or even display names.

Take advantage of TikTok Ads to test different targeting and determine the most effective approach … It is also possible to create a personalized audience to reach a specific group of users or specifically target people who have visited your website. .

3. Why use TikTok Ads Agency?

You are new to it creating online advertising ? The best choice is to contact a specialized agency. This will take care of the creation and complete management of your ads, but also their analysis in order to adjust your strategy according to the results obtained.

use the TikTok Ads agency

Although creating paid ads on TikTok Ads is designed to be simple and easy, it will still take time, some skills and a lot of resources to successfully make a place on this still uncompetitive network… for now.

Once you have designed, recorded, edited and then published your various promotional videos, it is still essential that you properly analyze your results to tailor your content. If any of these skills are missing, you will realize the importance master your advertising tools and thus seeking help from professionals.

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