The social community Twitter interrupts the Russian propaganda faucet

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Twitter has announced new measures against the Russian government’s order to reduce the circulation of Kremlin propaganda on the social network.

Western internet platforms and social networks have been especially involved in the real online information war since the beginning of the Russian offensive on Ukraine on February 24. Information about the Ukrainian conflict circulating on social platforms is largely disliked by the authorities in Moscow. And in order to curb every possible protest within its population, Russia has set up state censorship of the Internet, the goal of which is to erase every reference to the deadly conflict in Ukraine.

This censorship has indiscriminately fallen on all media in the country, such as television, newspapers, but also on private individuals on social networks. Internet users are forbidden, under imprisonment, to use the words “war” or “invasion” in their messages, much less to mention the massacres committed by the Russian army against Ukrainian civilians. And in order to better control the online distribution channels of Westerners, the Russian security service, the FSB, simply decided to block certain social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, through a court in Moscow, believing that they were carrying out “extremist” activities. activities on the network and on its territory.

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If Twitter was still available in Russia, its access was severely restricted to Internet users in the country. That is one of the reasons why the California company has just taken drastic measures against more than 300 official accounts of Vladimir Putin’s government. ” We will not facilitate the delivery of messages from government orders of states that restrict free access to information and that are involved in armed conflict, regardless of whether Twitter is blocked in a country or not. “, The group justifies.

Target accounts include official profiles of ministries and embassies, as well as accounts of senior Russian officials. In particular, it will no longer be “recommended” to users of the platform, in any of the categories of the website or through its mobile application. Their messages will no longer be displayed in the news feed, there will be no mention of searches that Internet users perform on content that has already been published, Twitter specified in a press release.

The social network also notes that its platform was ultimately used only to retrieve propaganda messages orchestrated by the Kremlin around the world. And Twitter is determined to cut off access to fake news from Russia. The network also announces that it will demand the deletion of tweets published on media orders related to the state or government of Vladimir Putin that share content depicting prisoners of war in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

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