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Whether you want to audit your site, create a long-term strategy or monitor your SEO on a day-to-day basis, you need reliable tools anyway.

Some SEO tools are web based. If they are sometimes indiscriminately recommended, not everyone has the same options.

Ahrefs: ideal for audits

Ahrefs also allows for keyword tracking and fairly comprehensive SEO audits. All you need to do is create a project in your personal space, add a website and let it work. Once the audit is done, it gives a very good overview of backlinks, including broken backlinks, reference domains, organic search, top pages, etc.

The control panel is very complete and very well equipped. But Ahrefs has two very big black dots. First, its price: the cheapest monthly subscription is 89 euros per month and gives access to only a limited number of options.

Another drawback is its complexity. If Ahrefs is valued by professionals in the sector, it is mainly because it is aimed at web marketing professionals. SEO beginners can be completely confused. You need to have the basics to understand the power of tools.

Moz: a specialized alternative

Moz is useful for “sniffing”, so to speak, the work of his competitors. Like Ahrefs, it allows for keyword analysis as well as feedback. It can do quite extensive SEO audits, but the real highlight of this very valuable time-saving tool is the grader on the page.

Indicate the link to the page – which must therefore already be online – and the keyword you’re targeting with this content. It will not scan the entire page, but the content of the page, based on the indicated keyword. From there, it gives you a score of 100, the keywords it found, in addition to yours and indications to improve your score. In French, the tool works perfectly.

The weak point of Moza is the same as Ahrefs: it is quite expensive. Count 99 euros for basic options and 179 euros for extended options. It’s a real budget for a freelancer or a small business, but it helps to correct some mistakes.

SEMRush: for professionals and agencies only

SEMRush has the same options as Ahrefs. But some of the tools are available for free, including the keywords we were referenced with. It has two advantages over Ahrefs.

The interface can be configured in French, which is a good thing for beginners. Some options, such as feedback analysis, are partially available for free. Experience has shown that SEMrush sees some feedback that Ahrefs does not see.

Why recommend it only to agencies and professionals? Subscriptions start at € 119.95 per month and some options are obviously more targeted at web marketing agencies than freelancers looking to improve their SEO.

Ubersuggest: the best option for freelancers

Ubersuggest is a very complete SEO tool that offers you to analyze keywords, see what the competition is doing on those specific keywords and offers you ideas for additional keywords.

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Why is Ubersuggest preferred in these lines? First of all, of all the tools for SEO analysis and tracking, it is the cheapest. To track one to three websites day after day, count $ 29 a month. The most expensive option with more than eight websites is $ 99. It is clear that we are faced with a financially viable offer for small facilities.

Another positive thing: an interface in French and a tool designed for beginners who are taking their first steps in SEO. You’ll find your keywords, backlinks, page audits, and traffic tracking in your dashboard. You also get a lot of encouraging and motivating information. It may sound childish, but Ubersuggest positions itself as a kind of SEO coach and as a sports coach congratulates you when you achieve results. Support is very sensitive in case of problems.

We also appreciate the evolution of the tool. Within a year, the service has been enriched with several new options, integrated into the basic subscription, including assistance in correcting and writing content, in order to optimize it. You also receive alerts with the keywords you track. Finally, you have access to tutorials and SEO guides. There are only two negative points. VAT on the service is not deductible – just like for the other services mentioned above – and the creator of the service likes to be shown everywhere.

What do you do when you really don’t have a budget and need to use several tools, including the ones listed below? You will find out in the next article.

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