What does POV, FYP, ASL … imply? Right here is all of the TikTok vocabulary!

You have trouble understanding certain words on TikTok, so here is the definition of vocabulary used on social media.

the TikTok social network is a true baron of his kind. It is simply one of the most visited networks in the world. TikTok easily competes with the giants Instagram or Twitter, and even more with our good old Facebook. With your short videos, which you can watch “coating” to infinity. “Challenges”creator “same”this social network uses a lot of words and expressions that you don’t always understand.

So, here is our glossary to help you better understand the conditions users on TikTok. This article is aimed at older people who do not understand speech their youth. But also to internet users who encounter it everyday vocabulary and who unfortunately do not understand them. Let’s go.

A real ecosystem with its own language

TikTok, like social networks, is a place where many people around the world socialize. about music, common challengesfunny phrases, especially with common language. TikTok appears as an ecosystem for itself. Like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… Who doesn’t know what poke (Facebook) or story (Instagram) ?

just the flow of word definition

To this day, in order to evolve in a world in which TikTok is the leader, it is necessary to tame its vocabulary. Words and expressions shared by all, understandable to users and a true means of expression this community. If you want to break into TikTok or understand the intricacies of published videos, knowledge of the dictionary is essential.

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Vocabulary on TikTok: words and definitions in alphabetical order

So, let’s define the vocabulary and expressions seen on TikTok. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and certainly does not contain all the required words. Therefore, we encourage you to leave in the comment other words with their definition OR to comment on a term you do not understand. We can inform you! Also, keep in mind that in this article we focus only on TikTok vocabulary, not all “young” terms will be referenced.

TikTok vocabulary: A to D

  • ASL : When you go to TikTok, you may be used to seeing the word “ASL”. But you don’t know what that means. In fact, ASL is a contraction “Age, gender, location”. Or “age, gender and where you live.” This term is often used on TikTok and other social networks, in discussion groups or live. In another context, this term may also mean “in hell.”
  • “It’s to kill me” : This term used on TikTok is the equivalent of “died laughing (lol)”. It just means that something is very funny, in the same kind of “this is to finish me off”.
  • challenge : The TikTok challenge is simply a dance or action performed on video, often with music used specifically for the challenge. The challenge is several users, often with the same music, the same dance, etc.
  • Discover the page : Discover, a small magnifying glass icon in TikTok, allows you to discover trendy sounds, widely used hashtags, trendy challenges …
  • Duets or duets : Duets, very popular on TikTok, consist of two videos put together into one. Two videos of different users complement each other: a dialogue taken from a movie in which each user plays a character, two users do the same challenge, and so on.

Words to know from E to F

  • E-Girl or e-Boy : Style between emo, goth and cyber. An e-boy or e-girl is a girl or boy who adopts this style of dress born on TikTok:
  • face tracking : TikTok mainly works thanks to its effects when creating a video on a social network. FaceTracking is the most popular TickTocking effect. Its principle: when a face is recognized, the camera directly zooms in and tracks it. An effect that has led to many challenges.
  • FYP : FYP is a shortening of the For You page and it is simply a TikTok page called “For You”. This is TikTok’s main feed, through which all videos that might interest you are automatically scrolled. FYP is made thanks to a fairly advanced algorithm and based on your reviews.
ticking vocabulary

TikTok conditions: X to M

  • Hashtags : The hashtag, as on Instagram, is used to reference a video according to its content, its theme. #FYP, #ForYou, #dog… The hashtag is necessary to break through and get a review.
  • IB : Inspired By, used when a video was made inspired by another video.
  • POV : Point of View. POV is used as a way to talk about something from a person’s point of view. It can also refer to a video in which we see the point of view of a character or user, as if we were.
  • Memes : A tick video mem is a video or voice that everyone can recognize and that is widely used. As a result, memes can create synergies between users. “This idea can be in the form of a hyperlink, video, website, image, hashtag, repetitive character, GIF or simply a sentence or word. This meme can be spread by more people through social media (such as Facebook news or hashtags on Twitter), blogs, instant messengers, news and other online services. “says Wikipedia.

TikTok vocabulary from N to R

  • PN : this acronym simply means “No problem”.
  • Ratio : The ratio on TikTok means that one of your comments left on the video has more reactions and responses than likes, “likes”.
  • Renegade : Doing a Renegade is a reference to the most popular dance on TikTok. Everything happens during the 15-second introduction to the K-Camp rapper’s lottery. It is obvious that the songs that hum on TikTok change every day. So the slang of social networks often changes.

Words and expressions from S to W

  • Swipe with your finger or swipe with your finger : The “drag” fact refers to the gesture we make on our phones when we want to change videos on TikTok. When we watch the TickTook feed (or Instagram, etc.), we drag the screen from the bottom up. “Swiper” refers to this gesture.
  • Trend or Trends : The trend is a bit like a “challenge”. This word just means that the concept has become a trend on TikTok. So, we say that we are making a trend when we want to make a TikTok video about a certain challenge.
  • W : This one letter means “Winner” or “Winner”.

Do you understand TikTok words and phrases a little better now? If you see other vocabulary words that need to be explained or that you don’t understand, tell us in the comments. We will be happy to help you!

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