What instruments to enhance your digital technique?

Solusquare Commerce Cloud, a French and independent e-commerce software publisher, offers a solution that meets the needs of efficient digital tools in business strategy.

Faced with new challenges, new solutions

The growing popularity of NFT, the disappearance of third-party cookies on Google Chrome, the democratization of video marketing and visual and voice search… That’s it some of the major developments marking the digital marketing sector in 2022.

The eternal problem of companies positioned in the digital market is adapting to these changes. This requires tools that are customizable and scalable enough to remain effective in dealing with new trends. Solusquare and its cloud software provide a complete 3-axis service: sales, management and connectivity.

Solusquare, complete e-commerce support

The brand is intended for B2B and B2C partners with a desire to optimize their business all aspects of their unified digital commerce. Solusquare begins by identifying needs as close as possible to the customer. Then, the technical teams based in the technology center located in France are in charge of developing a custom cloud solution, relying on SaaS software unified which the company has been publishing since 2003.

The platform is designed to be scalable. Not only is it personalized according to the needs of each partner. But besides that, she stays flexible and agile, adapting to the evolution of the company and its future challenges. Compatible with international management (multilingual, multi-taxation and multi-currency) whose back office enables multi-branding, it is especially suitable for companies that want to expand to other countries.

From the cloud, Solusquare provides a solution capable of covering all channels, whether they are exclusively web-based, using its e-commerce CMS, in markets (by distributing a dedicated catalog via ERP back office) or from or to physical outlets using its various omnichannel devices (web-to-store, digital-to-store, ship-from-store or MPOS). In any case, Solusquare Commerce Cloud will help the partner in all aspects of its activity using its various blocks: PIM, OMS, WMS, etc. The solution was originally built into the whole.

Among the various trendy features that are offered: the possibility of upcycling, kits, managing your goods, viewing your site in a future version, or even managing tags by products and content …

Solusquare runs various projects with its partner clients, such as the one from replatformingcompanies that already have a solution can change it completely, partially or selectively.

Implementing your service is fully guidedgoing through three phases:

  • Framing, during which the need is identified ia Specifications is specially written;
  • Implementation, ranging from project management until it is published on the Internet;
  • Running, during which Solusquare’s Digital Lab supports its partners in flu solutions.

Good to know: moving towards the omnichannel

Shopping is growing decentralized. Consumers also need to be attracted to other platforms (such as social media, to name a few). In this context, the omnichannel approach becomes essential. On average, a “multi-channel” user spends three times more than a user who is present on a single channel.

More than 16 years of experience in the field of digital support

With large groups such as Xerox, Armand Thiery or Fragonard, Solusquare claims more than 250 achievements over fifty countries. In addition to the comprehensiveness of its services, the brand offers additional benefits:

  • Cloud availability rate from 99,995% based on the Tier IV data center, with a contractual obligation of availability;
  • Technical support available 24/7;
  • Various additional services, such as SEO monitoring or suggestions for improvements;

Hosting of his data remains in France, with the highest security standards for the operation of data centers and the cloud GDPR compliant.

The cloud solution developed by Solusquare not only meets the needs of B2B / B2C activities. Being modular, this software offering adapts and develops with your company.

Three key points to remember:

  • Conversion tools, social media integration, SEO management… Thanks to the cloud, Solusquare CMS offers “omnichannel” management of all aspects of your e-commerce.
  • From delivery to product return, through inventory management and delivery, its dashboard provides complete supply chain oversight.
  • Its API-first architecture allows exchange in all formats, while promoting the creation of new interfaces.

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