Advertising and marketing Coordinator media virus

WELCOME TO OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE Virus Media provides companies with a team composed of “top talents”, creative people, people who “think outside the box”, a passionate group! Virus Media is a complete digital marketing agency, be it web design, graphic design of all kinds, print, video production, media placement, generating potential customers, 3D design, … Read more

10 ideas for optimizing your buying move

First of all, let’s get to the basics. What is a shopping funnel? Also called an order tunnel or shopping funnel, it corresponds to the customer’s purchase path, from arrival on the e-commerce site to the act of purchase, or in other words: order confirmation. Here are some valuable tips to reduce friction while shopping … Read more

3 digital advertising and marketing methods to extend visitors

An article written in partnership with Zyra Today, the digital world is essential for the development of any business. As a result, digital marketing is essential for better performance of any structure. So what are digital strategies to increase traffic? photo credits: Create your website Be seen on the webnothing better than create your … Read more

5 on-line programs to enhance your e-commerce expertise

E-commerce – Online sales 2022. – Certification cycle at La Fabrique à Clients – Training At the end of this training you will be able to develop your online sales thanks to numerous lessons you have learned: benchmark, creating an e-commerce site, SEO, distribution on the largest e-commerce sites … From basics to advanced e-commerce … Read more

5 enterprise alternatives in e-commerce

Whether proponents of growing up like it or not, people in Quebec – and the world – are consuming more and more. And more and more, it’s doing it online, notes Jean-Guy Côté, general manager of the Quebec Retail Council, an association that represents more than 5,000 businesses in the province. According to the latest … Read more

search engine optimisation wage in France

Find the first parts of our research that we conducted in partnership with WAM: SEO fee in France 2021 In 2021, the average salary of SEO for an indefinite period is, according to our data, 35,322 euros (all salaries we list are gross annual salaries) with a median of 33,000 euros (50% of respondents earn … Read more