20 concepts for posting on social media

Building an editorial plan for social media is not always easy, especially when you feel a lack of inspiration. Here are 20 types of content to post on social media platforms.

1. Publish quotes

Inspirational content par excellence, quotes are often very popular among subscribers. This type of content can be used to convey brand responsibilities or just to share positive thoughts. It may be a good idea to post a quote through an image that contains text, for a visual and inspirational post. This is an effective type of publication that is self-sufficient and that subscribers can easily share in stories, for example.

2. Promote blog posts

Social networks are a privileged channel for transmitting articles to someone’s community. This applies to content creators, brands or e-commerce websites. This includes sharing posts with links to your blog articles or Instagram stories where it is now possible, for all accounts, to use this feature Connection.

3. Share tutorials

This type of content has a strong potential for engagement as it is part of the process of education, learning and entertainment with the target audience. Therefore, it is possible to offer various tutorials, regarding his activity and obligations. For this, it seems wise to bet on the carousel format, which is especially effective on Instagram and LinkedIn for example.

4. Promote your products and services

It is obvious that social networks are a reflection of your activity and remain a space dedicated to the promotion of your products and services (of course, without abuse). This requires quality visual content posted on platforms, through a publication or story, linking them to informative, relevant and why not playful or humorous content.

5. Share short videos

This can no longer be proven, the video is a format that has won over all social media platforms, and even more so the short video that has become more democratic with the advent of TikTok. This format can be very effective with the public. In particular, brands can offer dynamic, but also embodied content, which is easier for the general public to recognize.

6. Give announcements and give thanks

Social networks are also a space for sharing milestones, progress and victories with subscribers. It is therefore possible to make posts to highlight a new phase in the evolution of the brand, highlight the number of subscribers that have reached out and reach out directly to his community to highlight its contribution to this success.

7. Poster “behind the scenes”

Other engaging content: “behind the scenes”, this format that allows you to show behind the scenes of the brand. These can be production secrets, project progress or improving the synergy of the team, in order to involve its community. This type of posting allows you to focus on storytelling and humanize the company to bring it closer to your target audience.

8. Competition offer

Nothing better than competitions organized on social networks to increase the engagement of your posts and expand your community. This type of posting therefore allows you to generate many reactions, by sharing stories for example, and contributing to brand impact.

9. Promote events

In the same way that it is wise to share announcements and thanks on social media platforms, promoting an event is also a good idea. Therefore, it is possible to bet on a very visual announcement dedicated to the event, including the main information about it, or create a story including a countdown, so that subscribers can set a reminder.

10. Share tips

To create closeness with your community, it is possible to create spontaneous content that aims to share your routine, tested products and services, or tools used to grow your business. In short, give advice to your subscribers to generate connections and commitment.

11. Ask questions to your companions

Polls are dynamic and interesting content on social networks. They can be done through a publication, inviting the audience to express themselves in the comments, or through stories where surveys can benefit from an interactive sticker, depending on the platform. Goal: Ask your subscribers for their opinion and allow them to be involved in the life of the brand.

12. Share customer testimonials

Customer satisfaction can be a topic of social media posts. This type of content contributes to the impact of the brand, but also helps to improve your community. This can be translated into visual publications that contain customer opinions. These announcements may also include highlighting the public figure who tested or wore the brand’s product.

13. Recycle successful publications

Looking at the statistics of different social networks, it is possible to identify the publications that collected the most reactions and that had the best effect. It might be wise to postpone these posts for a few months later or offer similar posts.

14. Do content curating

It is relevant to offer content related to current events. It can be that of a particular sector or news in general. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly monitor and analyze topics on which it might be interesting to position or express.

15. Answer the most frequently asked questions

If the frequently asked questions present on any website meet this requirement, it may be wise to share the information on social media as well. This may therefore be the subject of informational posts, for example, on the composition, manufacture or use of the product.

16. Offer lives

Live videos are popular on social media. This allows you to offer original content, gather and communicate with your community. It is possible to organize regular or one-time meetings, but also to broadcast this content in the form of reruns. This option is possible by selecting specialized tools to capture your screen or through the features offered by the platform used for your live audio.

17. Offer special offers

Social networks are also the perfect channel for sharing special offers. This way, subscribers can easily share them in stories or private messages and encourage shopping. It is possible to offer special offers exclusively for the brand’s social media platforms, with the aim of expanding its community, for example.

18. Bet on chestnut trees

Holiday or vacation content is a good way to stimulate your community and create engagement. It is also quite common to create contests for Christmas, for example, or special offers for various commercial events. You can anticipate and schedule these publications using the tools below.

19. Upload content from a partner

Betting on a post exchange will always be a good idea. Sharing news about partners can thus bring diversity to the different content offered on social media, at the same time as sharing visibility with great potential for new subscribers.

20. Share your job offers

Job offers have their place on social media. They can therefore play the role of transmitting an ad originally placed on traditional employment platforms. It’s also an opportunity to offer an original and / or graphic job ad, which the community can resonate through sharing or that will, who knows, allow you to find a rare gem among subscribers.

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