5 issues to learn about Discord, a social community price over $ 10 billion

Relatively unknown to the general public before the Covid-19 pandemic, Discord moved from a player haven to a social network used by more than 300 million users a few months apart, according to Statistics. The app is now on track to sell for more than $ 10 billion (about $ 8.4 billion), and technology giants like Microsoft and Amazon are on the list of potential buyers.

But what is Discord for? The platform allows the creation of “servers” within which users can add different chat rooms and categories. They can then chat, in writing and orally, and call each other via video. The app, available on both mobile and desktop, is free and secure, and its chat tools have made it one of the most commonly used messaging services in 2020 during lockout.

Here are 5 things to know about Discord, a social network worth over $ 10 billion.

Discord was created in 2015 for the gaming community

Facebook / Discord / 2015

When it was launched in 2015, Discord was mostly used by video game enthusiasts. Its creator, American Jason Citron, wanted to facilitate gamers’ communication by providing them with simple and free software that allows them to talk orally while playing their favorite game.

The community of gamers and streamers quickly adopted Discord and, a year after its release, the platform has more than 45 million users in May 2016.

It is used by the far right in Charlottesville


After a quick start, Discord faced several controversies. Users specifically used the platform to target and harass specific communities, flooding servers with violent comments and pornographic content. As controversy arose, Discord improved its moderation policy.

The ease of access and anonymity of the platform made it popular with part of the American far right. In 2017, the whites behind the “Unite the Right” movement used Discord to organize rallies in Charlottesville, United States where 3 people were killed and 35 injured. At the time, Discord was singled out for denying these users access to the platform.

The platform recorded a sudden number of downloads during the pandemic

Discord / Facebook

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic and the closure imposed around the world made Discord known to a wider audience. The platform gained new popularity starting in the spring of 2020, and was even ranked No. 1 on the social media rankings on the App Store in the United States in September 2020.

Discord has taken advantage of this peak of takeovers to improve its services – some of which are paid – and expand its goal. Users outside the streaming and gamer community suddenly signed up to chat with friends and organize remote aperitifs in video and / or audio. Some teachers even used Discord to organize their online classes during captivity, and companies adopted it as their professional messaging system, preferring it to Slack.

It was the 10th most used social network in France in 2020

Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

In 2020, Discord appeared on the ranking list of the 10 most used social networks by the French. According to data from Médiamétrie, the app recorded 7.9 million monthly unique visitors last year, an increase of 53% over 2019.

Discord is especially popular with Generation Z. In France in 2020, 15% of 15-24 year olds used it daily, compared to 5% for 25-49 year olds.

Discord will be sold for 10 billion dollars

On Monday, March 22, VentureBeat announced that Discord could be sold for more than $ 10 billion, or about $ 8.4 billion. Negotiations have reportedly begun, but the identity of the buyer is still unknown. According to Bloomberg, it could be technology giant Microsoft.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider France

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