5 tricks to improve the visibility of your merchandise on Google

In order to stand out in the growing crowd of e-commerce, it is important to have good references on Google. But how to increase its natural reference to better highlight its products? Here are 5 tips to increase the visibility of your products on Google.

1. Choose your keywords well

To increase your chances of being well-referenced on Google, the keywords associated with your products must be as relevant as possible to the queries that Internet users enter. They must be imperatively relevant and respond well to the request, if you target too broadly, you run the risk of not appearing in the search results of the targeted requests.

You can easily determine the most effective keywords by asking yourself the following question: What queries will users ask to find a product? Once you’ve established your keyword list, add it to your list. Remember to follow the development of traffic after these changes and try a few keywords to see which ones are the best.

2. Structure your website according to Google’s expectations

The browser favors well-structured and optimized pages. It is important to follow certain best practices in order to appear at the top of the SERPs. Google tends to favor sites that use a tree structure in categories and then in subcategories, with well-organized HTML tags (H1 for the title, H2 and H3 for the main subtitles, meta description, etc.).

Also, don’t forget to integrate internal and external links if possible, as they are part of the elements that Google takes into account to better refer your site to SERPs.

3. Create an listing on Google My Business

Launched in 2009, this free SEO service offered by Google allows owners to better represent their business in search results. If creating a Google My Business listing does not directly affect your SEO, it allows you to present your strategic products on a special tab and thus gain visibility. You can also add clickable buttons Learn more to redirect users to the appropriate product pages.

4. Offer a variety of content that will accompany your offers

Websites that offer a variety of content (blog articles, images, bulleted lists, videos, etc.) are appreciated by search engines. To increase your chances of being well-referenced, consider incorporating these elements into your product pages. For example, you can add blog articles or video tutorials.

Be careful, the added content must still be related to your product, because otherwise the Google robot may not understand the interest of your site, and thus reduce your SEO.

5. Use responsive design

In a world where more than 50% of searches are done on a mobile device, you need to adjust your website to different screen resolutions. To make these changes, use responsive design, an integration technique that automatically adjusts the webpage to the screen size of the terminal used. However, using this technique, the load time may be slightly affected. For this reason, you can also choose to develop a mobile page, which will replace the desktop page for screens in vertical format.

Google knows how to recognize pages that adapt and penalizes those that don’t. Consider implementing this system if that is not already the case.

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