9 ideas to enhance the consumer expertise of your web site

There are many ways to optimize your customers ’experience on your e-commerce website. From interacting with your potential customers to facilitating the shopping action, to listening to customer satisfaction, here are some best practices to ensure the most positive user experience possible.

1. Offer secure and simplified payment options

The payment methods offered on your e-commerce site can be decisive for the purchase action of your potential customers and buyers. To avoid leaving the basket, they must be certified, safe, but also simple and fast. It is important to bet on payment solutions that match your omnichannel purchase.

In addition, offering to pay without creating an account on your website can also make a difference and make the purchase action easier.

2. Take care of your presence on social networks

Social networks are an essential channel for communication with your potential clients and customers. They are a key point in your marketing strategy and allow you to embody your brand, build a relationship with the community and share relevant content. Social networks are therefore a key gateway to the buying process and to supporting your customers and potential customers.

3. Offer a responsive e-commerce site

In order to offer customers an attractive experience, it is necessary to offer a site that adapts to all media. A survey conducted by Foresight Factory also found that in 2021, 57% of French people used their mobile phone to shop. The practice is especially pronounced in generation Z.

Therefore, it is advisable to opt for a responsive theme, but also to bet on a design that adapts well to navigation on a mobile or tablet. By avoiding the proliferation of tabs that prevent fluid navigation especially on mobile phones or even by removing pop-ups, for example.

4. Collect reviews and customer satisfaction

The opinions of your customers are important for the impact of your online sales site, but also for its optimization, taking into account this feedback. Therefore, you can offer your clients the opportunity to fill out an online questionnaire so they can rate their experience and send their comments. This type of interaction enables the humanization of the relationship with your clients, but also its maintenance.

5. Create an effective landing page

Landing pages play an important role in the user experience. That’s why it’s worth optimizing your landing pages to maximize your conversion rate. Therefore, they need to answer the needs and questions of visitors in order to turn them into potential customers or buyers. Landing pages can also allow you to reference yourself.

6. Offer complete product sheets

You must pay special attention to the product sheets. They must contain a complete description of the product consulted, in particular its characteristics and the needs it meets. Do not hesitate to differentiate yourself from the competition by giving a special tone to the presentation of your products.

7. Integrate videos into your product presentation

The choice of illustrations that appear on the product list is important. The pictures are a real argument for promoting the act of buying. So be sure to show your product from all angles, but opt ​​for a presentation video as well. This format attracts attention and allows your potential clients or clients to design themselves.

8. Offer a blog with your e-commerce page

Integrating a blog into your online sales site allows you to offer relevant content related to your products or services. Writing articles related to your business gives you the opportunity to delve deeper into specific topics and provide useful information to your potential clients and clients.

9. Focus on a personalized user experience

Personalization of the user experience includes:

  • personalization of messages sent to your destination (e-mail, SMS, etc.) using informative data of your customers (gender, age, location), thanks to the use of CRM or ERP software,
  • improving the way to shopping, relying on shopping history, research or even favorite products. For example, you can offer a product similar to a purchased or reviewed product.

A personalized marketing strategy deepens the relationship with the customer, and the customer feels that you have the opportunity to offer products that suit him.

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