Advertising and marketing influence and e-commerce: a robust tandem

More than 90% of brands use influence marketing in their communication strategy.

Web push notification, call center, SMS marketing … For several weeks now, at BigBoss, we have been trying to return to the levers that brands activate in their marketing strategy through our JDN columns.

There is a lever that we haven’t talked about and that is equally important: to influence marketing. More than 9 out of 10 brands use it in their communication strategy, according to a recent study by Reech, an agency specializing in impact campaigns, in partnership with ARPP (Authority for Professional Regulation of Advertising) and Union brands. And nearly 75% of them say they have already conducted at least one influencer campaign in the last two years.

So why so much success among brands? Because influencers bring value to the brands they work with. This is what 85% of respondents say. Therefore, there is a bond of trust between the influencer and his audience (which is not always the case between the brand and the audience). And communication on Instagram, a widely preferred social network for brands (TikTok begins a meteoric rise), allows it to reach an audience that is both broad and specific.

Live shopping, ideal for e-merchants

For its part, Influence4You, an influential marketing agency, has just unveiled “20 Influential Marketing Trends for 2022.” The agency withdraws the idea that this year will be marked by the professionalization of the sector, data development and technology. In this Top 20 there is also a phenomenon that justifies stopping at it: Live Shopping (live videos that mix the presentation of products or services with entertainment). Ideal for e-retailers (Carrefour, Fnac-Darty, Cdiscount or even Sephora already use this technique), “Live Shopping, along with influencers, is a very powerful feature to offer a new shopping experience and generate sales,” the agency said.

Measure performance

Faced with the need for e-commerce to invest in impact marketing, Influence4You has been offering a media coverage model since last December to run influencer posts on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. This model was developed with Adsteroid, a player in performance social ads (we returned to the meeting of his two agencies during the Winter Edition of BigBoss last December). “Our clients often tell us that impact is a good strategy: they create content, engage, generate traffic,” said Stéphane Bouillet, founder of Influence4You. But they also wanted to have a real measure of effect. ”

So, on the one hand, Influence4You brings content, on the other hand, Adsteroid brings its targeting technology. “With this offer, we offer e-marketers the opportunity to conduct a classic influencer marketing campaign to generate an image and both mediate in their performance-based content by claiming the rights to this content from influencers,” summarizes Stéphane Bouillet. The CEO added: “With this offer, we are meeting the needs of our largest e-commerce customers who want to control their procurement costs and their image with a marketing impact.” What Stéphane Bouillet is trying to say here is that Influence4You and its partner take 100% of the risk of buying media, and the e-retailer benefits from additional sales (up to 10% more traffic) with a controlled purchase price.

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