Are the French prepared to buy on social media? Reply

A study conducted by the review and software platform Capterra on social trade in France shows that shopping on social networks is a developing trend.

In 2022, 95.1% of French people, between 16 and 64, have a smartphone and 79.5% a computer, and this year they spend 5 minutes more a day on social networks (1×46 / day) according to We Are Social and Hootsuite.

1×46 / day on social networks for the French

If Facebook, TikTok, Instagram are increasingly developing an e-commerce strategy, Are the French ready for “social trade” or shopping? This takes shape if we rely on the study that conducted a survey of 998 French people about their habits of using social networks to buy products / services.

29% say they have already bought something through social media

27% of all respondents use their social networks every day to search for information about companies or brands, and an equal percentage of respondents say they do so at least once a week. It is obvious that for the French market, shopping on social networks is a development trend, as shown by the figures below:
– 29% say they have already bought something through social networks
-25% say they have never done that, but say they are interested
-45% have never bought through this channel and are not interested.

As you can expect, Generation Z is the one with the biggest potential buyers, with 43% of respondents in this age group already buying through social platforms, and 31% interested. As for baby boomers, 61% do not use their social networks for the purpose of shopping, but 17% have already tested this option, while 21% could consider it.

Facebook has an advantage in shopping

But then, which platforms are most commonly used in social commerce? Among respondents who have already made a purchase via social media, 72% say they have done so via Facebook and 36% via Instagram. While the two Meta Group applications make up the majority of purchases made, users also use the services of TikTok (16%) or Snapchat (14%) to purchase products or services.
However, when compared by generations, Instagram is really the one that wins the support of the youngest, Generation Z: 37% say they have used this social network to shop online.

Among consumers surveyed, 29% say they have already made a purchase via social media, and 52% say they have decided to complete the purchase by being redirected to the company’s external website.

Fashion and clothing (37%)

Regarding the procurement of services and products that customers make on social networks, there are four areas of consumption:
– Fashion and clothing (37%)
– Home and interior design (30%)
– Welfare and cosmetics (24%)
– Travel and leisure (24%).

What are the reasons why the French do not want to buy on these platforms?
-52% care about the security of their data on platforms
-42% do not want their activities to be monitored
-39% fear that their purchase is not real (fraud / fraud)
-37% do not want to give their personal data to social networks
-31% are wary of malicious links you could click on.
However, faced with this reluctance, only 46% of respondents say they partially read the terms of social networks, 37% do not consult them, and only 16% say they read them in full.

Shopping online and on social networks is attracting more and more consumers, especially the younger generation, which is a great opportunity for companies that want to develop on platforms.

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