De Bethune joins forces with Qlock for a prestigious hourglass

More than 7.5 million blue nano-pearls flow in sixty minutes and reflect some beaches in the Maldives that take on cyan nuances as millions of organisms, tiny crustaceans known as ostracods, accumulate along the coast.

This remarkable hourglass was designed by Australian designer Marc Newson, who specifically designed the Apple Watch, in collaboration with independent watchmaker De Bethune, based in L’Auberson (VD). The latter brought his expertise in mastering blue to design nano-pearls made of titanium and stainless steel. The item exists in 12 copies, of which a very limited number – which the brand does not want to reveal – will be offered exclusively to the Qlock community at a price of 60,000 francs. Lucky customers will also be offered a trip to the Maldives, where they will have the opportunity to discover one of these famous beaches reminiscent of the hourglass of Marc Newson and De Bethune. The site will also offer copies of its younger brother, a 10-minute version limited to 24 pieces and priced at 25,000 francs.

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Get out of the quiet living rooms

A project that takes the form of dedication to friends TiQ and TaQ, alias Charles Defrance and Benjamin Ranchoup, founders of Qlock. They have been dreaming for some time about convincing CEO De Bethune to offer one of their pieces on their platform. “I will not hide from you that I was a little scared, but my taste for risk and challenge prevailed,” explains Pierre Jacques, factory manager, with a laugh. And to specify that Qlock considers it a very interesting platform, which especially provides good visibility to small brands that do not always have the funds to finance expensive marketing campaigns.

“You have to live with time. For me, it was clearly an original and somewhat counter-current way of launching a unique product. They weren’t expecting us at Qlock, here we are. And Pierre Jacques emphasizes that luxury and watchmaking must be adapted to the younger generations, their codes and the way they are consumed. “We also need to get out of comfortable salons and be directly accessible.”

This fits perfectly into the philosophy of TiQ and TaQ, which have set themselves the goal of bringing together watch and brand enthusiasts little known to the general public. “Our driving force is our passion for watchmaking and our desire to present the landscape of watchmaking to as many people as possible. We have many offers from the gray market for big names at affordable prices, but that is not what we want. We want to respect the old woman who watches. “

TiQ and TaQ do not practice a prohibited pricing policy, they identify the lowest prices observed to offer the best exclusivity to their community. They prefer to offer experiences that complement the product, such as factory visits. Its mission is to interest the community in this sector without devaluing its value. “We are not carpet dealers or cleaners, the idea is to wake up old collections and offer them a shop window.” Qlock’s offers a game with codes, offering pieces ranging from 50 to 60,000 francs.

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Become an industry leader

Charles Defrance and Benjamin Ranchoup launched Qlock on October 10, 2020 at 10:10 a.m. and received a carte blanch from QoQ founder Pascal Meyer. The only condition, a trial period of three months to convince him that their model is profitable. Challenge met. In 2021, Qlock sold no less than 21,000 pieces from more than 170 brands, with two offers per week, generating a turnover of six million francs. Of the nearly one million members who make up the QoQa community, a whopping 10% also follow Qlock. Millennials represent 70% of customers, with a share of 60% men and 40% women.

The two enthusiasts do not lack ambition, because they want to become number one communal trade in terms of traffic, and tickle Chrono24, the largest online sales platform for luxury watches.

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