Digital Confidence Day Archimag Episode II: full program

Digital trust is one of the main concerns of organizations today. Between cyber threats, the development of telecommuting, the rise of digital usage, the proliferation of sales channels, the evolution of fraudulent behavior, network, access and system vulnerabilities, not to mention data leaks, organizations are facing a real security tsunami to counter.

This day in the Archimag orchestration will be an opportunity to understand that, in an increasingly dematerialized world where it becomes difficult to distinguish “true from false”, there are mechanisms and technologies that can prove the validity of data or documents, to guarantee its integrity (electronic signature, initials, digital safe, electronic registered delivery, electronic seal, SAE, etc.), to ensure its durability while convincing customers / users / citizens of the relationships they establish with professionals.

This digital trust is also regulated by laws, texts, labels and certificates such as eIDAS regulations, NF Z42-026 standard for reliable copying or GDPR. They will also be at the center of daily debates.

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The day will begin at 9:30 a.m. with an introductory statement by two cybersecurity and data protection experts: Sylvain StaubExecutive Director Data Legal Drive i Pascal BaisneeExecutive Director Certilan. He will explain to you that while the rise of process digitization opens up unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation, it also leads to exposure to new risks: data breaches, ransomware, reputational risk, non-compliance, and so on. These risks obviously burden organizations and their environment, creating an increased need for trust, whose conditions are multiple: technology mastery (blockchain, process automation, RPA, artificial intelligence, etc.), cyber risks, data processing, etc. etc. Therefore, you will understand why it is becoming more important than ever for public and private individuals to act to ensure minimum conditions for a relationship of trust with their stakeholders.

Several sessions follow, including:

  • 10:00 – 11:10
    Session dedicated electronic signature and on electronic signature. After the market inventory and zooming in on the use of the electronic signature book (excerpt from the 11th Digital Information Management Report of the Serda Group) managed by Caroline Buscalwho leads the consulting business Serda Groupyou will know how an electronic signature can be applied in public sphere, both internally, for the use of elected officials and agents, and externally, in the service of citizens. And this, thanks Adrian Torregrosamarketing manager Lex Persona. Then we’ll talk, with Richard Lamy, Product Manager in Docapostemain cases electronic signature disputes (I didn’t sign! I didn’t sign it! I couldn’t sign then!) To understand the mechanisms that come into play to guarantee this trust and have proof that the obligation is valid. We’ll end with Herve Streiffdirector of digital strategy in Xelianszooming signature verification and his conservation. Two complementary approaches to the act of signing itself.
  • 11:15 – 12:15
    Session dedicated documentary fraudof processes KYC (Meet your customer) and that digital identity. Philippe Sanchisthe Secretary General of the FNTC (National Federation of Trusted Third Parties) and the Executive Director of Vialink will discuss the main issues related to document fraud, before Romain LeFormaldigital identity solutions marketing manager at Tesiexplains the mechanisms that enable its detection and eradication.
  • 13:45 – 14:45
    Session dedicated electronic archiving which is also one of the main trends for 2022 in the dematerialization market. After recalling the regulatory framework around electronic archiving from Arnaud BelleilRepresentative of the Vice President of the FNTC Archiving Section, Romain LeFormalmarketing manager for ECM / SAE offers at Tesi, Fabrice AresuExecutive Director LuxTrust i Jean-Marc Rietschpresident and founder pineapple, will explain to you why archiving is a real business project and how this technology fits into the dematerialized process from end to end and must now be an integral part of a digital user’s journey.

  • 14:45 – 15:15
    We will continue electronic archiving with a session on Vitam, from the VaS angle (Welcome as a favor) with a focus on security (architecture, certification, etc.) and contracts. And thanks to the presenceAlice GripponDirector of Communications and Partnerships in Program Vitam, Ministry Culture. Pierre Fuzeauchairman Serda Group will also increase the market for electronic archiving solutions, with a reminder of SAE ‘s virtues for carbon footprint reduction.

  • 15:15 – 15:45
    A legal desk will be in place for 30 minutes. You will be able to ask all your questions to two lawyers who specialize in New Technologies Act: I Eric Caprioli i Pascal Agosti.

  • 15:45 – 16:30
    Session dedicated blockchain. A technology that is always talked about a lot, but which many of you do not know concrete applications. How can Blockchain be used to build that trust? What planned applications and use cases are already operational? We will see this with two specialists on this topic: Jean Remi Quiriconico-founder and technical director MailstoneFFPB member (French Federation of Blockchain Professionals) i Quentin DrouotCTO ofThe archipelago.

Finally, the day will end with a closing speech (16:30 – 17:00) during which we will examine tomorrow’s security challenges and about technologies that should define what a new framework of trust (Digital identity, biometrics, voice print, artificial intelligence, multifactor authentication, etc.) Beatrice Peirani, FIDO Alliancestandardization expert in Tales i Karim Bouamidirector of digital identity and trust services Devoteam.

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