Favourite social networks of neighborhood managers in 2021

As part of our survey among community managers, we asked CMs to discover their favorite social networks: the platforms that matter most to them and the ones they work best on (organic and paid posts).

On the podium: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Facebook still leads the way, followed by Instagram

853 surveyed community managers rated the importance of major social networks in their work. Despite the lack of interest among the younger generation and the complex algorithm that does not facilitate the visibility of announcements for brands, Facebook remains a favorite social network of CMs in 2021. But for how long?

Instagram could end up on the top rung of the podium next year as the gap narrows again this year. Indeed, Facebook experienced a drop in popularity rating (-6 points compared to last year), while Instagram continues to be increasingly important in the eyes of CM (+ 2.6 points compared to 2020). As last year, LinkedIn strengthened its 3rd position (+4.4 points compared to last year).

YouTube surpasses Twitter, TikTok makes good progress

This year, no doubt, due to the “locking” effect, YouTube surpassed Twitter and climbed to 4th place, as 49% of respondents consider the video streaming platform important, compared to only 40.5% for Twitter (-11 points) compared to last year). Pinterest still ranks 6th in the rankings, and is closely followed by the social network adored by the Z: TikTok generation. Not surprisingly, the Chinese app, which is booming, has made good progress again (+ 6.7 points compared to 2020).

Snapchat in decline, overtaken by Twitch

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Twitch has opened up to a wider audience and brands have begun to take a greater interest in it. We now find the platform in 8th position (+1.9 points compared to 2020), ahead of Snapchat.

Clubhouse, this audio application with astonishing success during captivity, is in the penultimate position on the ranking list, only 4% of respondents believe that the platform is important in the context of their work. The “hum” around the Clubhouse seems to be slowly dying out, and the audio network is facing strong competition from dominant platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook or Spotify, which use similar functionalities: Twitter Spaces, Live audio Rooms, Greenroom. .

Rank of CM’s favorite social networks in 2021

  1. Facebook: 85% *
  2. Instagram: 84%
  3. LinkedIn: 76%
  4. YouTube: 49%
  5. Twitter: 40.5%
  6. Pinterest: 18%
  7. TikTok: 17%
  8. Jerk: 5%
  9. Club house: 4%
  10. Snapchat: 3%

* Reading: 85% of community managers believe that Facebook is (to some extent or very) important in the context of their work.


Facebook on the rise, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok on the rise

Asked “Do you think that these social networks are growing, declining or stable as part of your work? », about half of CMs believe that Facebook is losing momentum (57%), as well as Snapchat (49%). On the other hand, 71% think that Instagram is a rising social network, and they share the same opinion for TikTok (72%) and B2B social network: LinkedIn (62%).

Organic content: Instagram offers the best performance

According to the surveyed CMs, the 3 platforms that provide the best organic results are:

  1. Instagram (35%)
  2. Facebook (31%)
  3. LinkedIn (25%)

Instagram is therefore taking the lead ahead of Facebook this year. Another important result to note: most CMs have noticed a decline in organic reach on Facebook in the past year (80%), but fewer feel this decline on Instagram (only 44%).

After the ranking, we find Twitter in 4th position (3%), followed by TikTok (2%), Pinterest (2%) and YouTube (1%). Clubhouse, Snapchat and Twitch occupy the bottom three.

Advertisements: Facebook still largely dominates its competitors

63% of respondents achieve the best paid results on Facebook. The social network is still far ahead of Instagram (22%). LinkedIn retained its 3rd place on the podium, but is down from 2020 (-11.9 points). We find the following in the rankings: Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat.

Video content: Facebook leads, the “live” format is still little used

Asked “Do you post videos with your brand accounts? », the majority of CMs answered “Yes” (88%). Preferred video posting platforms are: Facebook (87%), Instagram (79%) and YouTube (66%). We find LinkedIn and Twitter in 4th and 5th positions, then TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch and Snapchat.

As for the “live” format, it is currently little used by CM, only 29% said they use live videos. For live, 3 favorite CM platforms are the same as for classic videos: Facebook (69%), Instagram (48%) and YouTube (26%).

Witnesses: Instagram’s entrenched monopoly

Stories are used by most community managers (85%), and it is not surprising that the most used social network for this format is Instagram. 94% of respondents said they post stories on Instagram and 65% on Facebook. Other competitors such as LinkedIn and Twitter have tried to implement this format, but without success (less than 10% use stories from these platforms).

The Facebook group continues to dominate, YouTube and TikTok are thriving

Despite the loss of momentum highlighted by CMs, Facebook remains their favorite platform for their work. Mark Zuckerberg’s group dominates the social media ecosystem, both through Facebook, which offers the best advertising performance for professionals, and through Instagram, which continues to attract creators and brands. Community managers are increasingly relying on Instagram because they believe that organic reach is more important now than on Facebook, although its algorithm is still hard to tame. Among other lessons, we can notice the good resistance of LinkedIn, which consolidates its 3rd place in the ranking of preferred CM networks.

The start of the pandemic has also affected certain platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Twitch, which have become more important in the eyes of CMs this year. It is also interesting that TikTok is the platform that has experienced the highest growth in the rankings this year (+6.7 points).

Also keep in mind: Snapchat is now at the bottom of the list, community managers continue to leave this social network in favor of platforms such as TikTok or Twitch, which offer more tools for engaging communities.

Methodology: a survey conducted by BDM online, from June 22 to September 13, 2021, among 853 community managers and social media managers practicing their profession in France.

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