Fb remains to be a favourite social community of entrepreneurs

An online monitoring specialist, Mention conducted a major study in March 2022 on companies ’marketing practices to better understand their behavior.

Budget, goals, communication channels, Mention was able to examine practices according to the types of companies, but also their size and origin.

Respondents are 43.9% managers and 30% C-Level managers, mostly from companies with between 2 and 1,000 employees, of which 65.6% have an international organization.

As for teaching, they are divided into several categories


26.6% of companies spend between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000
20.9% of them spend less than $ 10,000
Most companies set aside moderate marketing budgets, less than $ 500,000 a year. B2B marketing budgets, as well as the budgets of large corporations, are usually higher.

Marketing goals:

57.5% want to raise awareness of their brand
39.8% are focused on the brand reputation
38% just want to increase their sales

Marketing experts continue to place great emphasis on organic search and social media, despite the increasingly ‘paying’ nature of many channels. While B2B companies are more focused on engagement and retention, B2C companies are more focused on sales

Communication channels and their use:

21.9% use 3 different social networks
19.1% use 5 different social networks
Facebook is in first place among the social networks that companies use the most with 40%
Brand awareness, engagement, and community building are the primary goals of social media marketing. LinkedIn is still a favorite channel for B2B, but it is also surprisingly popular for B2C companies.

Impact of the health crisis and forecasts for 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic appears to have had mostly positive effects on marketing teams who took the opportunity to invest in new marketing channels and increase their budget. Companies are increasingly paying attention to the results of different strategies, partly due to social listening, but also the impact on their web traffic and engagement on social media. All marketers share the same fundamental goal: to make their product known to potential customers. But it is a complex and multifaceted mission, encompassing everything from community building to search engine optimization.

In 2022, retailers will have to face hundreds of different factors and influences, ranging from a global pandemic to changing audience preferences for climate change. With more than 30 industries represented and more than 15 regions of origin, this report provides a comprehensive overview of companies ’marketing practices.

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