Feelback: a brand new informative and conversational social community

The new French social network Feelback combines a dynamic interface and professional content thanks to videos that are often produced in duo. The platform is intended for information and discussions on various topics.

professional networking

Feelback is inspired by the codes of the TikTok application, which has more than a billion users revitalize its content and make it attractive. Today, the platform is just finished 12,000 downloads since its launch last September. Anthony RetailleauThe CEO and co-founder of the application states: “The promise is that the user will take over intellectual slaps, has access to intelligent content, as opposed to info-obesity and the immediacy of social networks ”. The network is currently being counted 90 active channels and more than 700 interviews produced and published. They are subjects diverse, we mainly find content on the topics of CSR, neurology, entrepreneurship, coaching, psychology and many others. Feelback thus aims 25-35 years, property i urban. Also, videos are pre-recorded and broadcast on an endless stream, as on TikTok.

Simple and dynamic interface

The app really offers videos in the form of andprofessional interviews where several users meet and share their experiences in their field of activity. By registering on the platform, after entering your data, the application offers you a choice various professional topics that might interest you. Just like on YouTube, you have the option create your own channel talk about area of ​​expertise. The latter can be public, private or even hidden (the channel is not visible and the user must receive an invitation to view the content).

Every video it cannot be longer than 15 minutes and most of the time it is the subject of interaction between two people. All users are welcome to create their own content via ” conversation »And to come and talk about their sector of activity or aboutdiscuss social issues. The principle is simple, you scroll through the home page, if you are interested in a conversation, click on look. If you liked the shared content, click on the flame, you also have the option to share the video or subscribe to the channel.

Platform limitations

Comments are forbidden in the application, they are often difficult to contain and manage, Feelback works with a business card system available for each channel if you want to get in touch with one of the creators. The use of the application therefore remains strictly professional and an opening account new topics such as environmental responsibility. She also anticipates the arrival of Valérie Pécresse, Arnaud Montebourg or Xavier Bertrand on her guest platform. Although Feelback is not very popular yet, the social network counts well confirms his desire to inform intelligently population through a dynamic interface. Finally a good compromise between TikTok and LinkedIn.

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