Feelback, a brand new social networking web site between TikTok and LinkedIn

Published November 18, 2021 at 9:30 p.m.Updated November 18, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

It’s TikTok and LinkedIn and Clubhouse. As a good digital native, we hope you are hooked. In other words, Feelback is a social network video in interview format, where anyone can network and discuss topics that concern them. Goal: to acquire knowledge quickly. Each video cannot be longer than 15 minutes and a conversation between two people is often recorded.

For now, the use remains very professional. Still confidential, the French app continues to claim 12,000 downloads since its launch in early September, including 6,000 users who return at least once a week.

“The promise is that the user gets intellectual slaps, that he has access to intelligent content, as opposed to information and the immediacy of social networks.”hopes Anthony Retailleau, CEO and co-founder of the app.

Professional and social topics

Among the topics that appear the most are everything related to the future of work and business creation. In particular, users can create “channels” (a bit like YouTube) to talk about a certain topic: CSR, coaching, entrepreneurship, and even psychology, neurology … Today, the application is active in about 90 channels, for done and then broadcast almost 700 interviews.

Other topics should soon see the light of day, especially on environmental responsibility, with guests like Jean-Marc Jancovici or Aurélien Barrau. Feelback also intends to take the ball with a comeback in the presidential election and has already announced that several candidates (Valérie Pécresse, Arnaud Montebourg, Xavier Bertrand, Eric Zemmour) will interview entrepreneur Denis Jacquet on the platform.

To avoid spreading false information, Feelback is considering proposing a “certification” system for users who talk about certain topics. “As soon as we are on professional content, people want security”adds the young founder, who started his career in large groups.

No comment

The end of the craze for the Clubhouse, the star network of Silicon Valley that was a hit during his captivity, doesn’t seem to scare him. “The way they are attacking the market is not sustainable. Everything is live to play at FOMO (Fear of missing – fear of missing something) people, with a pure debate, where everyone can participate, which does not guarantee the quality of the discussion “he thinks.

Web is also a creation tool and allows you to create good quality videos in a few clicks (and export to other platforms such as LinkedIn). The videos on Feelback are therefore pre-recorded and broadcast on endless thread, in TikTok style.

Interactions with users remain limited, with no possibility to publish public comments. “Rarely established”, believes the entrepreneur, who thus avoids much moderation. The network prefers to develop individual interactions, using “cards” that allow users to stay in touch. The target group is, not surprisingly, active, young (25-35 years old) and urban.

Fundraising in preparation

Conceived three years ago under the name Meemo, with micro videos, the app then rolled out in late 2020, thanks to a € 800,000 fundraiser. It should also announce a new round of funding, between 5 and 6 million euros at the beginning of 2022, especially in order to prepare for the launch of content in English and Spanish.

The company, which consists of a dozen people, is not yet making money and is counting on the growth of the number of users. He is currently developing a partnership with brands to host “capsule” videos and thus create presentation pages.

But the heart of his model should be based, in the second quarter of 2022, on issuing its own cryptocurrency that could be exchanged through its social network and on which the company would charge transaction fees.

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