From Eric Zemour to Papacito … Why is the social community Gettr valued by the fahosphere?

After Parler’s failure, the phahosphere found a new reference social network. After seducing many figures of the American alt-right and populist figures such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonar, the Gettr platform now seems to have conquered much of the French far right.

Launched in July 2021, the platform was founded by Jason Miller, a former spokesman for Donald Trump, following the expulsion of the former US president on several social networks, including Twitter and Facebook. The platform, which in its own way uses Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again” by proclaiming “Make Social Media Fun Again”, works in the same way as Twitter, from which it downloaded the design and master codes, with subscription system and companions.

“Defend freedom of speech” and fight against “culture of cancellation”

Like Gab and Parler – applications banned by Apple, Google and Amazon after the invasion of the Capitol – the goal of this new social network is, according to its founder, “to defend freedom of speech” and fight against the “culture of cancellation”. “It is a completely new social media platform based on the principles of freedom of expression, independent opinion, rejection of political censorship and a ‘culture of cancellation’,” reads the page.

The platform therefore does not practice any form of censorship, something that would delight the far right and the most influential figures of the French profession. “Elections are approaching and many bills will jump. Gettr is a good way to stay in touch with me, ”explains the extreme right-winger Papacito. He is followed by almost 11,000 people on the platform, the influencer – known for his video of him shooting from a rifle at a model symbolizing the “leftist” – so he asked his Instagram subscribers to create an account on Gettr.

Racist and conspiratorial content

Other extreme right-wing figures are also present at Gettr. In addition to Alain Soral, a multiple convicted anti-Semitic essayist, we note the presence of former muse Génération identitaire Thaïs d’Escufon and its co-founder Damien Rieu, RN Senator Stéphane Ravier, white supremacist Daniel Conversano or even Holocaust Rensier activist Herier.

Marine Le Pen, president of the National Rally, also made an account on social media, but did not post anything since registering in July. Another important French political figure, now presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. The far-right polemicist has an account that tracks more than 14,000 people there, as well as a large part of his staff: Antoine Diers, Stanislas Rigault or Samuel Lafont.

The platform is also home to a lot of conspiratorial and conspiratorial content. Many anonymous reports, anti-vax and followers of the most eccentric conspiracy theories, have thus found room for dialogue. Publications that mention the alleged danger of vaccines or promote the QAnon movement are therefore widely transmitted and highlighted on the platform.

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