High 10 most downloaded social networking functions in 2021

The world vibrates in the rhythm of social media trends. These exchanges whose main goal is to bring communities closer together are more influential than ever. Social networks are now inseparable from the virtual world whose face they have definitely changed.


Millions of people use social media every day for entertainment, meetings or business. Their free apps continued to be downloaded en masse in 2021.

1. TickTok – 656 million

Revolution of tick in the world of social networks was further confirmed in 2021. With more than 656 million downloads on Android like iOS, the Chinese social network ranks first at this peak. Initially appreciated by teenagers, TikTok eventually won over people of all ages and even public figures. This is especially because of its fun side. His work is actually based on choreographies and sound reproductions in short videos. The social network has been in the spotlight over the past year and has brought out new celebrities again. The latter are paid based on the number of views achieved by their videos and various related partnerships.

2. Instagram – 545 million

This social network to which he belongs Meta does not suffer the consequences of competition. This is due to its regular updating with hot new features. Reels have been added to the app specifically for making short videos like the Tiktok model. He is highly rated by celebrities whose orders are followed by hundreds of millions of people. Instagram is a service for sharing photos, videos and sometimes discussions in the Direct Message section. Photos can be edited directly in the app, and after sharing, followers can like and comment on them. The service now has more than a billion users worldwide.

3. Facebook – 416 million

Although Facebook has crossed a milestone 2 billion users he continues to conquer the world for a while. It is a very complete historical social network owned by Meta. In addition to sharing texts, images, photos and videos, Facebook users can communicate with each other in several other ways.

In addition to sending messages, you can create unconditional groups and gather people around a common interest. The social network also offers the opportunity to structures and public figures to develop a privileged space with their subscribers through pages. The application integrates several other applications that facilitate current actions on the social network.

4. WhatsApp – 395 million

The instant messaging application par excellence is logical at this top. Use over 2 billion people, it was still downloaded 395 million times in 2021 on the Play Store and App Store. With its unique telephone-based identification system, it allows the exchange of text or voice messages, documents and multimedia files. The user can therefore send any type of file to their contacts or in a group, and can also make video calls without using the network GSM. The story part of the app is also very popular among users. In fact, it is possible to put texts, pictures or short videos visible to all contacts. Every story disappears after 24 hours.

5. Snapchat – 327 million

With its filter system that offers users several application options Snapchat always stays in the elite. On the messaging side, it allows you to send photos or videos that disappear after one second or more, depending on the programmed duration. Snapchat has also popularized the story concept, which has been taken over by several other apps. The user can upload multimedia files for their community. These stories also disappear after 24 hours. The application has been gradually improved since 2011, when it was launched. Snapchat also includes a world map where users can share their positions with each other.

6. Twitter – 171 million

Platform from microblogging continues in good swing. Much more sober, use it more than 326 million people a month. Twitter allows its users to share their moods and opinions up to 280 characters. These posts, called tweets, can be accompanied by photos or short videos. Interaction on social networks comes down to the “like” button, comment and retweet. Twitter also has an integrated messaging service where users can chat privately. The application was launched in 2021 Twitter Spaces which allows each user to create and animate private or public audio chat rooms.

7. MX TakaTak – 128 million

Less known in Europe, Mx TakaTak it conquered the Asian market and more precisely India, the country from which it originates. The app works the same as Tiktok. Users can create and share short videos of popular music. They can also edit videos and mix images into sequences. Mx TakaTak is one of those entertainment apps that scatter the creativity of its users among more practical options and tools.

8. Discord – 121 million

Still 121 million people has taken over Discord 2021. It is an impressive space to improve this application on multiple platforms launched in 2015. Discord is loved by streamers, but also by developers who are attracted to cool features. The application allows users to create servers they own. I can then invite other users and assign roles to them. Users can also develop robots from the app that provide animation, moderation, and even tracking. These robots also automatically display various data.

9. WeChat – 109.4 million

This Chinese platform that combines instant messaging, microblogging and mobile payment is always very popular. His influence reached its peak in cinema where he is one of the giants and extends to India. Users can share photos, chat live, and even read QR codes. Its original functionality Bottle in the sea “ it also allows users to broadcast an anonymous message that can be found by anyone online. It is an application that should be complete and remains available on both mobile and computer.

10. Josh – 111 million

It is one of the most popular video sharing apps in India. Users can create and then share original effects videos. The videos are organized by areas of interest, which allows you to find yourself in the application very quickly. With 111 million downloads in 2021from the App Store and Play Store,Josh is one of the viral platforms last year.

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