In 2021, French e-commerce will return to double-digit development

France’s e-commerce activity reached 129.1 billion euros in 2021, according to Fevad, an increase of 15.1%. In 2020, growth in the sector fell below 10%.

French e-commerce emerges victorious from Covid-19 pandemic: in 2021, the sector recorded a turnover of just over € 129 billion, up 15.1% from + 8.5% in 2020, according to the latest quarterly report Fevada published on February 3. Over the past year, the growth of French e-commerce has been driven by both the product category, which grew by 7% compared to 2020, and services, which grew by 24% compared to 2020. The transport, tourism and leisure segment is gaining momentum again in 2021, with an increase of 44%, but a decrease of 16% compared to 2019.

The evolution of transactions and the average basket

In total, e-commerce sites realized more than 2.1 billion transactions in 2021, an increase of 16%. The average amount of the transaction decreased slightly compared to 2020 (-0.8%) to 60 euros (61 euros in 2020). However, it remains above the 2019 level (+ 1.8%). It should be noted that the number of active retail locations increased by 11% in one year; at a rate equal to that of 2020.

What about markets and mobile sales?

In 2021, shopping in the markets continued to accelerate. Vertical, used and of course general markets, during 2021, markets grew by 5%. LTheir weight in the business volume of the sites that host them (sales of Panel iCE100 products) is 33% compared to 31% in 2020, in the context of strong growth in the global market.

ICM’s mobile sales, which combine product sales and travel sales, long hampered in 2020 by declining transport sales, travel, ticketing, etc., have returned to double-digit growth of 23%, especially thanks to the recovery in travel-related sales. tourism. After rising 37% in October and 21% in November, they rose just 3% in December due to a slowdown in passenger sales as the epidemic continued and Delta and Omicron variants spread.

The data that Fevad collects from trading sites meet the following definitions:

E-commerce index (iCE 100): Traffic generated directly on the iCE 100 panel pages on fixed and mobile internet. Sites that publish the market do not count the volume of business in the market, nor the commissions earned. Only orders shipped in France. All delivery locations (including in-store payments) are retained. This is the ordered turnover (we take into account the date of taking over the order, not the date of delivery). Cancellations, replacements and refunds reduced, postage included, VAT included for sale to individuals, HT for sale to professionals.

Market index: The volume of business generated by sites located in the iCE100 panel markets.

Mobile Trade Index (MCI): Net sales generated on smartphones and digital tablets as part of mobile sites and applications (excluding application downloads).

Composition of iCE 100 panels: More than 100 sites: consumer products (100 sites), e-tourism (15 sites) and sales to professionals (20 sites).

Composition of PSP panel: Adyen, Dalenys, Monetico Payment, Monext, Paypal, PayZen, Verifone, Worldline.

Overall market assessment: The global market estimate is calculated using data collected from the iCE 100 panel, the value of electronic payments (excluding members of the iCE 100 panel) reported by PSP panel providers and the assessment of offline payments (Fevad survey of iCE 100 merchants).

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