Instagram is launching 4 large adjustments for Reels on its platform!

Instagram has been posting updates lately. The latter allows the reels to be attached to the profile of each user.

Currently, Instagram is increasing the number of updates. The latest allows users to pin publications or reels to their profile. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram in search of novelty

In order to climb to the top and become the leading social network, Instagram has always had to innovate. Whether by changing logos, news or stories, the app was always looking for news.

And it seems to be worth it. Today, Instagram is important over 1.2 billion users. Unbelievable!

Over the years, the social network has multiplied updates to attract a growing audience. Recently, Internet users have been able to discover, for example, new typography and new gradient logo.

Other more useful features have also flooded Instagram. From now on, kidnapping warning will be shown on newsfeed american accounts in case of abduction. France has not yet been affected by this update.

However, too much news can sometimes be annoying. Indeed, with many recent updates, internet users often decide to do so close the application.

A drop that broke your spine? Cut and paste from TikTok’s newsfeed. Indeed, now on Meta applications, each photos and videos appear in full screen and photo quality decreases.

Despite the fact that some Internet users are tired, Instagram seems determined to keep up with updates. From now on, it will be possible to attach Reels to your profile. MCE TV tells you more!

Changing Reels

This Tuesday, June 7, Instagram posted great news about the Reels. We could last up to 90 seconds, compared to 60 so far. Another significant addition, audio can be imported into Reels. Interactive stickers can also be added to Reels to make it more fun.

Finally, the most important thing is yet to come. Users can now pin content to their profile network. Very good !

Indeed, Instagram now allows attach up to three posts or reels to the top of the profile. Just like pinned posts on TikTok and Twitter, they will be in front and in the center of your Instagram as if you had recently posted them. A great way to show your favorite content in your account.

To set this up, nothing could be simpler. Just select one of your posts or rings, then click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Then just press β€œPin” to be effective.

When you return to your profile, you will see your post in the upper left corner of your grid with a white pin icon. If you decide to add another message or reel, all existing pinned messages will be pushed to the right. Smart!

It remains to be seen whether these add-ons will appeal to internet users and content creators. But what is certain is that Instagram is pushing its audience more and more for consuming rings. So, this is a case to follow!

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