Is shopping for hyperlinks unlawful? Abundance search engine optimization Video N ° 216 – search engine optimization information and serps

The market for buying and selling links (backlinks) for SEO is obvious today. But is there a legal risk in using such practices? Our answer in this video …

The market for buying and selling links for SEO is in full swing from hour to hour, with more or less success in terms of the quality of these links. In fact, we really find everything on the Web at this point at this level. But is this an illegal practice? Is there a legal risk of payment in this type of practice?

Indeed, this is a question that is often asked when talking about this market. Therefore, it was necessary to give the clearest and most precise possible answer.

So you will learn more by watching this video number 216:

Is buying links illegal? – Video no. 216 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

Video transcript 216: “Is buying links illegal?” »:

“Hello and welcome to this 216th Abundance video in which I wanted to answer a question that often pops up at the end, and that is: is buying or selling links legal or illegal? Is there a risk in buying links in terms of justice, etc.

So, it is clear that today many people buy and sell links either through platforms or live, the market exists, that is for sure. So what happens legally? There is no risk in buying or selling links in legal terms, it is not illegal, you can buy advertising links from right to left and therefore you can do it for SEO. Legally, I don’t see where that could be a problem. So, obviously, it is not illegal.

On the other hand, Google in its recommendations, and I put the url here, clearly prohibits the purchase or sale of “tracked” links. If you are buying or selling links, they must be nofollow. These are Google’s policies, so when you buy or sell links, you’re not against the law, you’re violating Google’s policies, which is obviously different. It’s a bit like playing Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly or Scrabble, or board game, and not following the rules of the game. Just because you’re cheating at Trivial Pursuit doesn’t mean you’re going to jail and the police will come and get you. You can go to prison in Monopoly, but that’s another story 🙂 So, when you play a game, you follow the rules or you don’t follow the rules.

What happens next? In fact, it is the engine that will decide. As long as Google – or Bing in any case any engine – decides that the fact that you don’t follow the rules, that you end up cheating, because it’s obvious cheating, the fact that cheating doesn’t interfere with its algorithms and the quality of its results, I believe it will pass. there will be no problem. If one day the engine thinks that there is too much cheating and that there are too many links bought and that it starts to “appear” and that this is a problem in terms of the quality of its results or that it cannot manage it well, of course there will be penalties. there will be sanctions that will be taken by the engine and when we buy or sell links, we will have to accept those sanctions, of course, it’s normal. We play, we win, we lose and when we lose we have to accept the sanction. So, today, Google does not take into account a large number of links, but also many purchased links, so it will clearly ignore links that it considers to be of poor quality. That is how it works today, we do not know how it will work in the future and what is the sustainability of such a system.

So, to answer the question from the video: buying links, selling links, it is not illegal, we just don’t follow the rules, so when we don’t follow the rules, we cheat. What will happen in the future? Today, if it is good, the better, what will happen in the future? We don’t really have an answer, but we will have to accept this answer and this future.

So much for this little video, I’ve made a lot of videos on links too, etc. so I also urge you to follow them. Thank you very much, see you soon on the new Abundance video and have a nice week 🙂 »

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