Metaverse and e-commerce: listed here are 3 ways in which metaverse will change your on-line procuring expertise

Metaverse based on blockchain has a significant advantage over what has been done before with video games, for example. It is more transparent and benefits from blockchain security.

It now has the potential to help companies establish their brands in highly coveted digital worlds. The metaverse will definitely change the way we buy.

Users can register their own own aliases and control their digital identities using various metaverse protocols. This functionality will be essential for e-commerce, as it will enable consumers to verify their identity and secure purchases.

Shopping online will become more impressive thanks to the metaverse

Shopping online today can be a little mild. You look at things on a computer screen and you can’t imagine what they would look like in your home. This will change with the metaverse. You will be able to shop in realistic virtual stores. You will be able to see and smell the items you are buying and you will feel like you are there.

An online store, for example, could allow you to create a metaverse of your living room to try out different pieces of furniture.

Shopping online will become more sociable

Online shopping is often done on your own. You are not in contact with other people and you cannot follow the reaction of other consumers. This could change with the metaverse thanks to virtual fairs where you can interact with other customers. You will be able to see their emotions and get advice.

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Taobao launched in 2022 Metaverse Mall on the occasion of the 618th Shopping Festival in China. Customers were able to navigate through their avatars through 3D stores and participate in a variety of interactive activities using their smartphones.

The ground is changing under our feet and our toes. /

The metaverse will personalize online sales

Shopping online today may seem impersonal. You buy products that someone else has chosen and you have little influence on the selection process. With Metaverse, you will be able to build your own virtual store and select or create the items you want to sell. You will be able to communicate directly with your consumers and meet them in person.

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