My new web optimization system for figuring out pages that must be enriched with content material

Thanks to this “trick”, you will find much faster on which pages it pays to enrich the content.

It is also useful to prove to the boss / client that your work is a hit 🚀

If you want to access now: formula + video here.

Otherwise I would just like to answer 2 frequently asked questions before I tell you …

Does page content size matter in SEO?

  • some say it takes 300 words (whatever the page, which is ridiculous)
  • others say it doesn’t matter (they probably didn’t do any tests …)
  • we believe that there is a minimum that should be had otherwise the site is not complete enough, does not meet the different expectations of internet users, so Google does not position the site well
  • but be careful not to count the size of the whole page, just the main part! The minimum size you need to have depends on the type of site, and even the type of page: this is what the algorithm included in RM Tech manages.

According to our study RM Tech 2022 on 10,000+ sites and 45 million pages:

Pages with enough textual content in their main area drive 4.1x more SEO traffic than those without.

My ranking metrics study, May 2022

This graph shows the performance of the pages (measured in visits generated by natural references on Google) according to the amount of textual content in the main part of the page (at 0, no lack of content, at 100 many problems)

And what does that give for your site?

  • if you have never tested RM Tech: make sure it applies to the site of your choice (you only need access to the Google Search Console). Request your free RM Tech preview here.
  • otherwise, you already have the information in your audit report!

Let’s move on to the next question …

How can I easily spot all the pages on my site that lack textual content in their main area, given the type of page?

This is the original feature of RM Tech, our SEO audit tool!

All you need to do is run the RM Tech audit in the full version, this information is available in the attached files.

OK, but if you have too many pages that lack content, it’s complicated …

So how do you know which site to start with?

Again, it is very simple thanks to the trick presented in our video!

At My Ranking Metrics, we’ve developed a formula that highlights top pages for which editorial content enrichment will have maximum impact (generating traffic in natural referencing).

The formula is based on 3 metrics:

  • lack of content index. Details: does not work if we rely only on the number of words on the page! Our index is based on the main part of the page and takes into account the page type and page type.
  • zombie page index. This index is based on several criteria and in this case it helps us determine the priority of which pages we will work on first.
  • the number of clicks generated by the page. We rely on official Google (Search Console) data, which is much more reliable than Google Analytics data (see GDPR and cookies).

Details of this formula are given along with video explanations. 100% free, all you need is a My Ranking Metrics account.

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