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This does not mean that SEO tools are not useful. Yes, they are, and in a perfectly obvious way. On the other hand, we should not, in my opinion, allow our way of working to be dictated by their potential recommendations …

We are currently very lucky in SEO, because now there are hundreds of tools (sometimes even of French origin, and these are not the worst, far from it!) That help us in our tasks of natural referrals on a daily basis.

But this availability should not force us to blindly believe and to follow without thought the possible advice these systems give us. Our brain must always be the master to analyze the submitted data!

So you will learn more about it by watching this video number 221:

No dictatorship SEO tools – Video no. 221 proposed by Olivier Andrieu (Abondance). Source: Abundance

Video transcript 221: “No to the dictatorship of SEO tools”:

“Hello and welcome to this video 221. Abondance in which I wanted to talk to you about SEO tools and what I may have a little overly called the dictatorship of SEO tools. So, why this title, why did I want to talk to you about this? Simply, of course, to say that today’s SEO tools are very numerous and that they are obviously absolutely necessary!

Fifteen years ago there were a lot of SEO tools and in the end we often chose an SEO agency over the tools it developed internally, and some agencies were also really famous over their “in-house” tools. ”There are so many tools today. in the market that the problem is more a problem of choice – I will soon make a video about the mandatory SEO tools to consider – and yes, the tools are there, there are hundreds and hundreds of them.So obviously I’m not questioning SEO tools. no worries.But what I mean is that not because there are tools we need to let them think for us telling you, “here’s what you’re going to do.” I can’t, it’s not possible!

The ideal scheme for me is this: tools give data and that data, you will give it to your brain to analyze it, work on it, improve the situation, etc. But there should be no direct connection between the tool and your brain. No, the tool is there to provide you with data and then your brain will take over.

Don’t let the tools decide for you, take a step back, review the results. It is really necessary for me. Sometimes I ask a client or a person a question and ask, “why did you do that?” and the answer is, “because my gizmo tool told me to do it.” But no, think about what he offered you. A typical example is Yoast on WordPress. Yoast is a very good tool, I have no complaints about it, but small dots in color that tell you that this is good, that it is not good, it is red, orange or green, I do not want to say that it is nonsense, but in any case, it is still information of course, but not because Yoast tells you that your text has a green dot to go first to be first on Google! Finally, it is unthinkable and despite all the best results I had in SEO on the texts I wrote, they were all in red on Yoast! You see, that means nothing!

So don’t let the tools decide for you and have your free will, think, it’s always your brain, your experience will have the last word, which must have the last word in terms of SEO. I think this is something that is very important that you do not tolerate this dictatorship of SEO tools while obviously using them on a daily basis and using the right ones in relation to your expectations. That’s why the following video will be about the ideal tool for your SEO.

As usual, a few videos to review on a topic I’ve done in the past. See you soon on the new Abundance video! Thank you again for your loyalty and see you soon! Thanks and goodbye “

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