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• Fast delivery, reduction of youth unemployment

• OKALM Technology and POZO’TAF speak

Marketing Manager OKALM Technology, Yasmine Konkolé. (DR)

Head of POZO’TAF, Mr. Yaméogo Tasséré (DR)

Delivery is a growing sector in Burkina Faso, especially in Ouagadougou. In recent years, the sector has been booming through delivery companies. To better understand the fast delivery sector, L’Economiste du Faso met with two companies developing in this field, in particular OKALM Technology and POZO’TAF.

Company presentation
OKALM Technology is a company for technological innovation created in 2021 and which is developing in the delivery of all types of packages (food, other items). It now has 72 suppliers and 49 drivers. The technological boom is given in today’s world. So, to make life easier for Burkinabè, he designed the app. This platform is the first multiservice technology application in Burkina that connects suppliers of products and services and consumers, said marketing manager Yasmine Konkolé. However, according to her, the goal is to be the leading technological solution for Burkinabe people for urban mobility, package delivery and product purchase.
The application contains an electronic wallet payment system, an integrated option for tracking orders in real time and the ability to share travel during the delivery of the deliverer. Through this application, OKALM Technology offers a safe and comfortable transport service, various restaurants and professional delivery people for various deliveries. With the slogan “okalm. You click, we manage! Its mission is to improve people’s lives through technological innovation. His vision is to make life easier for everyone. Its values ​​are innovation-integrity-responsibility-excellence.
As for POZO’TAF, he, according to the director of the company, Tasséré Yaméogo, has started with the catering service. However, today, the service is diversified and includes all types of shipments (sending and receiving packages from transport companies, paying bills, buying from power sources), he said. Now there are a dozen couriers. Unlike OKALM Technology, which has a platform where customers place orders, POZO’TAF is in direct contact (phone call) with partners to pick up orders.

Access to business services
Demand for the services of these companies differs from each other. Indeed, in OKALM Technology, a user downloads an application to the Play Store or App Store, registers, and selects a service or product. Before initiating a claim, he has a choice of payment method that is either an integrated electronic wallet or cash. On the POZO’TAF side, the customer makes his request by phone.

Delivery process
Delivery is by motorcycle or car depending on the size of the package in OKALM and only by motor in POZO’TAF. The suppliers are partners of Okalma, according to marketing managers, for which they use their own delivery machines.
They are divided into two teams, the first of which works from 7:30 to 15:30 and the second from 16 to 23 hours. They work according to availability with at least 20 hours per week. POZO’TAF provides its agents with delivery motorcycles.
Deliveries are invoiced from 1000 FCFA to 2000 FCFA depending on the distance to be covered and according to the size of the package with OKALM, and 500 to 2000 FCFA with POZO’TAF. Deliveries are currently being made only in Ouagadougou, but officials intend to extend that to other cities and even other countries.

OKALM Technology supplier team. (DR)

Workplace accident management
In the event of an accident, POZO’TAF takes responsibility if its agent (courier) is wrong. On the other hand, on the part of OKALM Technology, delivery partners as well as drivers are obliged to conclude an insurance policy with their partner Yelen Assurance before they are taken into account in the platform, ie before their service connection. . So in the event of an accident, Yelen Assurance will take care of it.

Impact on the sector
The delivery sector contributes to the economic development of Burkina Faso. This undoubtedly helps to reduce youth unemployment. To that end, 80% of OKALM vendors are students and work in their spare time, according to the marketing manager. It’s a pretty interesting area with an average growth of 20 percent in the number of orders and revenue, she added.
We did not have an answer to the question of compensation from the head of POZO’TAF. All in all, an agent who worked at this company anonymously gave us a range of 25,000 to 35,000 FCFA as a monthly salary. At the OKALM level, delivery partners earn 700 FCFA per delivery and deliver between 7 and 15 packages per day, according to marketing managers. By calculation, this will reach 147,000 FCFA / month for an agent delivering 7 packages per day and 315,000 FCFA / month for a courier delivering 15 packages per day. And here we have anonymously approached an agent who makes a discovery of 30,000 to 60,000 FCFA per month, even 100,000 FCFA as a monthly salary, and that is very rare, he said.

Difficulties encountered
The biggest difficulty is to have the financial means to engage in any entrepreneurial activity, says the head of POZO’TAF, Mr. Yaméogo Tasséré. To carry out this activity in Burkina Faso, you need the authorization of ARCEP, whose application is 50,000 FCFA and a deposit of 1,000,000 FCFA, he told us. There is also an increase in illegal competition that reduces the flow of orders.
On the OKALM side, the difficulty was to convince the public to use the app because there was a lack of trust, confirmed Ms. Konkolé, OKALM’s marketing manager. But today it seems that the bet has been won, because each courier makes 7 to 15 deliveries every day.
Flora SANOU (associate)


The recruitment process

Recruitment is done through job offers, mostly on Facebook, for both companies. Suppliers and drivers are selected after a rigorous recruitment, training and monitoring process at OKALM Technology. In POZO’TAF, deliverers are selected after the interview.
Terms of employment
POZO’TAF: anyone who can:
– to speak French well;
– be kind, kind;
– You love work.
OKALM technology:
– be a young woman or a man aged 18 to 29;
– can read and write;
– be able to read Google Maps;
– have a smartphone and a moped or vehicle.

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