Search engine optimization for the charity: significance and advantages

International affiliate and apprenticeship tax: 2 most important things for the charity sector

IFI fundraising campaigns i YOURS are two key points for nonprofits that can gather around these devices. For some time now, digital technology has been gaining momentum in the process of raising funds and researching potential buyers. Establishment a effective digital strategy therefore, it is now vital to reach out to potential donors and inform them.

IFI Reminders and Apprenticeship Tax

IFI (Real Estate Fortune Tax)) replaced the Solidarity Wealth Tax (ISF) in 2018. This applies to all real estate tax households at least 1.3 million euros (i.e. almost 143,000 tax households in France in 2020).

The IFI declaration is a highlight for charities because it is possible for taxpayers who are subject reduce the amount of their IFIs by donating to a qualified organization. Now is the time for organizations reach out to new donors who want to reduce their IFI and keep the elders donors in order to receive donations.

  • – Apprenticeship tax:

All companies located in France are subject to IR (income tax) or IS (corporate tax) and employ at least one employee. pay apprenticeship tax. It was paid two parts : 87% in OPCO fund apprenticeship training and 13% to an authorized training organizationat the company’s free choice.

Keep in mind, however, thatfrom 2023, the remaining 13% will be paid URSSAF before being deployed to a training organization selected by the company through a fundraising system.

SEO: a strategy that pays off in the long run

IFI and TA campaigns are moments that encourage the companies and tax households to pay donations to qualified organizations. Online donations are becoming more numerous and it is vital for organizations to improve their online visibility to increase their chances of receiving donations. One of the main pillars for optimize your web presence in a sustainable way is SEOwhich is also called natural referencing.

Content strategy

One of the key points of natural referencing is content strategy. Create content rich, relevant i informative can improve your visibility. Although most of the requirements related to MFIs or apprenticeship taxes are of an informative nature, they remain as many opportunities as possible for the associations and foundations concerned to reach out to potential donors.

Content strategy allows you to do that position yourself on specific keywords (“calculation of the apprenticeship fee”, “apprenticeship tax”, “IFI declaration”, “IFI calendar” …) that correspond to the searches of Internet users in order toappear at the top of search results. This allows the promotion of its structure, with the added value of searching Internet users, increasing its visibility by presenting new perspectives and gaining their trust thanks to quality content.

However, the goal is not to no longer use paid referencing, but, in the long run, to find a balance between the two in order to reduce keyword investment while maintaining good visibility in search results. .

SEA and SEO: win positions by reducing paid investment

If SEA (paid referencing) is a lever that allows reach the most intentional people, it is also a lever that requires a certain budget. Indeed, the structures that want to position themselves on paid referencing are numerous and the cost-per-click of certain keywords can quickly be very raised.

In addition, the trend of internet users is increasingly moving towards natural connections (70% of them just click on natural results). Furthermore, 34% French have used a ad blocker in 2017 and it is likely that this trend has increased since then.

SEO offers an advantage win positions at a lower price while sitting legitimacy : If search engines rank you first, it’s because they think your content is high quality.

However, the goal is not to no longer use paid referencing, but, in the long run, to find a balance between the two in order to reduce keyword investment while maintaining good visibility in search results. .

Optimize your campaigns upstream

Fundraising campaigns must be preparation throughout the year. SEO is a long term business. Therefore, it is necessary to move forward in order to prepare for the most important fundraising events. Creating content is a long process between creating and integrating that content, then reviewing it by search engines that can take weeks or even months. Ideally, you should even start optimizing the next content as soon as the campaign is over to prepare for the next one.

For information, one of the agency’s clients, who specializes in medical research, CPC drop by more than 25%. thanks to an SEO strategy implemented upstream of their SEA campaign.

SEO is a key lever for the charity sector. Orixa Fundraising specialized in support to non-profit organizations on the main pillars such as SEA but also SEO. One of the agency’s clients, a socio-professional integration officer, could drastically increase its visibility thanks to an effective SEO strategy, gaining up to almost 27 places in search results allowing several of its pages toappear in the first 10 on competitive keywords.

IFI & TA campaigns: key figures

Orix Fundraising users have seen the following improvements from IFI and Learning Levy-focused SEO campaigns:

  • – 25% on CPC SEA campaigns combined with SEO work compared to non-SEO work
  • + 20% AT payments in 2021 compared to 2020
  • up to 27 places obtained in search results.

Orixa Fundraising

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