the next challenges for B2B gamers

Although the pandemic has accelerated and increased the expectations of B2B customers, many challenges still exist for companies. Between the lack of technological resources and the aging of the back-office system, they have to overcome many obstacles in order to offer a digital shopping experience that meets the challenges.

On the other hand, from 2021, B2B companies have managed to adapt and have started to position themselves particularly well on new strategies and new models: direct sales to consumers, subscription models, market setting, integration of advanced technologies, etc.

In this study conducted by Oracle and Miracle, discover all the imperatives that B2B players now have to face in order to retain their customers and develop their revenues and margins in the coming years.

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1. Maintain direct relationships

By disrupting traditional sales models, the pandemic has forced companies to redefine their role in the buying process. Thus, many B2B companies establish direct channels of communication with their end users. Companies have realized that they are able to communicate directly online with their own
The customer base is a key lever for their long-term growth.

B2B players will also need to develop their product offering, including dynamic purchasing and new acquisition and use methods, as suggested in the images below.

Key figures on product selection in B2B e-commerce.

2. Stop fighting digital giants

Another challenge: transform the fight against digital giants into an opportunity to attract B2B customers. Faced with large markets operating in specific vertical, horizontal and geographic markets, B2B companies need to implement multidimensional marketing strategies to win in their domestic market or even in the international market. More specifically, it is for
B2B companies run their own markets, focused on their own brands and use cases. In addition to offering a wider choice, they can also stand out for greater price transparency.

3. Get inspiration from B2C to personalize your customer relationship

B2B players have every interest in drawing inspiration from B2C to personalize their shopping experience thanks to aggregated data. Some interesting figures to highlight:

  • 65% of B2B customers appreciate personalized product recommendations,
  • 64% of Generation Y (millennials) and 54% of Generation X rate live chats with customer service as the difference.

Nevertheless, only 36% of B2B companies have the tools and technologies necessary to create a close relationship with their customers, what is called “user intimacy” which is considered essential for B2C. In order to build lasting customer loyalty, companies will need to master the art and science of pricing and targeted and increasingly personalized promotions.

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