TikTok: why does the social community appeal to the aged?

TikTok changes the goal! The social network seems to be attracting more and more seniors! We’ll tell you more.

Looks like TikTok will change targets! For several months now, the social network has been attracting more and more seniors! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

TikTok threat

TikTok is a real nugget that is a hit all over the world. The platform is so powerful that it could be considered as the best of all time.

According to Sensor Tower data for the 1st quarter of 2022, the application has accumulated no less than 175 million downloads on iOS and Android. Analysts say that “no application has had more downloads than TikTok since the beginning of 2018.”

Journalist Jia Tolentino praised this in The New Yorker 2019: “So the algorithm gives us what we want. And in return we give the algorithm what it wants. »

“As the circle tightens, we become less and less able to separate the tastes of the algorithm from our own.”

The app would therefore overshadow the biggest social networks like Instagram. According to a Bloomberg study, 1 in 10 Europeans is ready to leave his current job in the next six months to continue his career at TikTok as an influencer.

This poll therefore suggests the app could be dethroned Instagram as the primary platform for influencers.

According to our colleagues from PresseCitron: “Note that 36% of them said they used the Chinese social network in 2020 compared to 45.7% in 2022. This growth should increase further to reach 55% in 2025.”

Especially since young people are no longer the only ones who register on TikTok. The platform also attracts older people.

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The target is expanding

Much older Internet users are present on TikTok. Their goal is to break all the old stereotypes. In an article published in The Gerontologist, Reuben Ng of Yale University said:

“These TikTok alumni have become successful content creators as part of a powerful countercultural phenomenon in which older people challenge stereotypes about old age by celebrating their status as senior citizens. »

Some older accounts are extremely successful. Companions can even climb up to 5.3 million peoples. That’s huge.

We have to believe that the very principle of short videos is unanimous. Videos of a few seconds of all kinds: cooking, reading, humor, beauty, etc. There is something for everyone.

Older people prefer to make videos on TikTok in a witty tone. The goal is to stay within the codes of the social network, talk to the youngest!

So they are constantly smiling and teasing those who watch the videos. Newspapers Gerontologist then quotes this video in which the designer states: “ I may be 86 years old, but I can still drink more than you, perolaki. or the next sentence “I may be 86, but I can still twerk better than you.”

One thing is for sure, there are no years for a good time on TikTok!

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