Twitter should submit nameless details about the account to a far-right blogger

This is the case that causes the flow of ink in many English-speaking countries. An Australian court has just ordered Twitter to publish information about the user behind an anonymous account whose only nickname is known: @ PRGuy17. The move is reminiscent of a defamation lawsuit filed by Avi Yemini, a well-known figure in Australia who works for a far-right newspaper blog called ‘Rebel News’.

The Blue bird network will therefore have to publish the name, email address, and IP address used to create this profile in March 2020 so that Yemini and its media can “Initiate defamation proceedings against the account”says Vice.

This complaint is based on a series of tweets posted by @ PRGuy17 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. An anonymous spokesman said at the time that Yemini, known for his anti-vaccination and anti-vaccination views, was “threat to Australia’s national security”that he was a “criminal” who contributed “Increasing Covid-19 Cases”.

As of June 7, Twitter therefore has fourteen days to comply with court orders. On the social network, an extreme right-wing blogger does not hide his joy. “It doesn’t matter if PRGuy closes its account. The information provided by the court is documented. We won “he wrote on his profile.

Users on antipodes

Avi Yemini became a well-known name to Australian audiences around 2017, when a wave of populism swept parts of the Western world following the election of Donald Trump. Many consider it “Anti-Islamic and pro-Israeli”The blogger appeared at the 2017 “Let’s Make Victoria Great Again” protest – referring to the famous slogan of the former US president – during which he protested against the security of the state of Victoria.

During the Covid-19 crisis, this man and his far-right house – founded in Canada in 2015 – also gained fame by playing on feelings against vax and blockade. According to Vice, Facebook said then “removal of some Covid-19-related content published by Rebel News for violating disinformation policies.”

For his part, if due to his anonymity he is not a public figure like Yemini, PRGuy also enjoyed a certain notoriety during the pandemic. However, the user opposed the ideas of the far right blogger, which earned him the label of an ardent defender of the Australian Labor Party.

Many Yemini supporters also believe that a left-wing political figure could be hiding behind the anonymous order, especially because the PRGuy praises health management policy Daniel Andrews, Prime Minister of the State of Victoria.

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On June 7, PRGuy reacted to the court decision on your Twitter account: “I firmly believe in freedom of speech – even when I disagree or am offended – and I will fight for it. Efforts to silence me will make my voice grow louder. I’m just getting started. “

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