web optimization pure referencing to draw certified visitors

Do you want to drive qualified traffic to your website? Natural referencing is a basic strategy for turning Internet users looking for a product or service you offer into potential customers and then into customers. Discover in three points why natural referencing is key to getting your goal.

What is SEO natural referencing?

Natural referencing is also called SEO for Search engine optimization, concentrates a set of strategic levers. Their goal is to place your website on the top pages of search engines, such as Google. That implies methodological and technical parameters.

Become Essential, SEO natural referencing optimizes your website by putting it on top SERPs, search engine results page. For this purpose, the adopted methods and techniques aim to mislead search engines and to inform and attract Internet users through user experience (UX).

SEO natural referencing: the ultimate lever for gathering traffic

Optimize your natural referencing through specific techniques is a process that generates traffic in the long run and in a natural way. This is what distinguishes it from paid referencing. Indeed, the latter positions your site on the first page, but only for the time you are funding it. Then, your site is lowered to the bottom of the search pages and is no longer visible. To make sure this doesn’t happen, here’s how to find yourself in pole position:

  • Use HTML tags : meta descriptions, Hn titles, alt attributes for visuals, URLs, etc.
  • Insert query keys and subkeys, as well as keywords;
  • Target feature snippetsGrail, zero position;
  • Optimize load time pages;
  • Knitting internal mesh competition by linking page pages along with relevance;
  • Write high quality contentinformational and educational;
  • Make your site responsive so that it is fluid and sensitive to any medium, smartphone, tablet or PC;
  • Take care of your robots.txt files and Sitemap.

And not only! A completely natural referencing strategy off site complete this panel in place. Decryption: In addition to optimizing your site, you need to think about the external impact of your website. To do this, take advantage of its popularity by relying on netlinking i backlinking. These are well-known valuable links that point to your pages from well-positioned and highly visited reference pages. Then distribute your content to the social network !!

Why work on your natural referencing with a professional?

Work on and optimize its natural referencing with a SEO agency professional is twice as good, here’s why:

  • It is a special specialty that requires skills and methods;
  • So you can focus on your core business!

This professional knowledge includes constant monitoring of the competition and daily evolution of Google, Bing or any other search engine. Therefore, either you have rare pearls in the house, or contact an SEO agency in Paris.

Know: natural referencing service starts with a audit to determine the specific actions that will be performed on your website. To do this, an SEO expert uses specific digital tools as well as a specific reflection.

the SEO natural referencingis a key lever for digital traffic acquisition. To attract qualified and persistent traffic, optimize your site, make it visible and attractive to search engines and potential prospects. Do you want to implement a natural referencing strategy? Contact SEO professionals!

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