website positioning: Backlinks Warfare – Mom and Little one Technique.

There is a rather painful step for any web designer: gaining backlinks. What is feedback? It is a link to a website, accompanied by text. How useful is that?

In a word: reputation. You have to think of it as an American high school. You’re a new kid on the block who wants to show you’re cool. What should you do? Become friends with the captain of the football team or the main fans. If you can do that, everyone will want to have lunch with you and invite you to parties. SEO works the same way. High school is Google, your website, new student, captain of the football team, your direct competitor.

Analysis and determination of competitors

When creating a website, it is unlikely that you will come across a topic that has not already been covered. You need to identify your competitors. There are several tools for this, but we will stick to Ubersuggest, which has the advantage of being the cheapest on the market. Take the example of a tourist or tourist place. Here are the results:

Ubersuggest is a very complete SEO tool that offers you to analyze keywords, see what the competition is doing on those specific keywords and offers you ideas for additional keywords.

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We get a graph, with an estimate of the turnover, and below a more detailed table in metrics. It is seen to be the main competitor to Trip Advisor, followed by L’internaute, Le Routard and Pro-Voyages. It’s hard to fight the giants in the sector, and asking them for free backlinks seems pretty surreal.

Should we be discouraged? Let’s take a closer look at the results. We see that Trip Advisor, Le Routard and L’Internaute have one thing in common: they have space for cooperation. This is where the “mother and child” strategy comes into play.

Creating mothers and children

The first step will be to create a complete false identity for yourself. The online tool Fake Name Generator does its trick. With a fake name, fake name, fake date of birth, and fake mailing address – this can be useful in some cases – you’ll create a new email inbox. Forget about Protonmail and wife: make this a new email inbox at Microsoft, with Hotmail or Outlook. Do not give your phone number and do not give another backup email address. With this new identity, you will register with your direct competitors to participate in the collaboration spaces. As soon as your account is validated, you will ask a question. The answer to this question, of course, can be found on your website. The mother was created.

Let’s move on to the second step: creating a child. You are repeating exactly the same process: fake identity, new email and registration on the same pages as before. To avoid suspicion, you can get off to a perfect start by answering other questions without linking to your website. You can also let it go for 24 hours. You will then respond to your mother, giving a link, which includes the answer. You will make the text not too short, but avoid spreading: no one reads texts longer than 10 lines on the forum.

Is it risky? If you don’t run a children’s farm and don’t send excessive spam, it’s safe. If in doubt, you can always go through a browser that is different from the usual browser, use proxies and VPNs. Still, you’re trying to build traffic and feedback, not avoid censorship. As for the emergency address of your e-mail inbox, state the mother’s address in the case of an emergency, and the mother’s address in the case of a child’s emergency.

Effectiveness of mother and child strategy

Does the method work? Yes. Even if the link is marked as “no-follow”, it is considered as a feedback link. Proof in pictures.

The experience was made on Lonely Planet and Le Routard. The “feedback overview” section of Ubersuggest is used here. Not to be overlooked, it also brings traffic to the site. Unfortunately, the latest version of Google Analytics does not allow you to have a list of “referrals”, but you can get the idea thanks to Matom as well as using the Google Search Console, the “links” section.

If your site is already referenced on Google, implementing a mother-child strategy can be interesting for poorly-referenced or non-indexed content, to gain even more traffic and notoriety.

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